How do I avoid overspeed on a long haul flight while sleeping?

As you can see in the question above, I’m worried that when I sleep during my long haul flight the wind direction might change and increase the airspeed, making the plane overspeed. Does anyone have any recommendations how to avoid this? Thanks!

What speeds are you cruising at? As long as autopilot is on, you should be fine (as long as you are at the appropriate speed for the aircraft).

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The wind speed won’t have a big enough change to risk you getting violations. If it does change suddenly, for example if you lose weather connection and it comes back again, the wind will come back gradually. It won’t suddenly increase by 100 knots. Just make sure you’re a safe speed below overspeed and you won’t risk violations.

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That’s not really something to worry about. You can cruise at M0.84-M-0.87 with no worry about wind


Oh okay. My planned speed is Mach 0.83 based on the current weather.

You shouldn’t need to worry then :)

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Dont put your speed at the limit. Just because the plane CAN go so fast doesn’t mean you should.


Great. Thanks for the help :)

Just be aware from VNAV , so while you are cursing try to maintain your speed between 0,78 - 0,82

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Got it. Thanks

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