How do I approach a runway without ILS?

Hello y’all! How do I fly into an airport without ILS, I know how to descend and approach etc, but how do I know what heading to set upon approach? Thanks!

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The runway number is the heading of the direction of the runway. For example, runway 05 is at around 050° to give you an idea.

You usually just eyeball it. You can also use charts as well as the runway heading which is found under “runways” after you click on an airport icon.

So runway 27 is around 270 degrees?

Correct you are!

Awesome! That’ll make my Europe tour so much easier!

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Not always, so runway headings are always rounded to the nearest 10 (so, 275 is usually 28, but can also be 27).

Be sure your aligned near the the runway before turning to that heading as it being set too early will send you next to the runway at that heading.

That’s why they said “around” 😜

I know! 😁 ❤️

You can always fly a nice visual approach. 😃 Honestly, a visual approach is much more challenging and exciting than a standard ILS approach.


@infiniteflight_17 I did not know the rw number functioned like that. Thanks!

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And if the conditions are IMC, you can always fly a GPS RNAV approach via airport approach charts, they can give you descent guidelines with degrees of descent and waypoint benchmarks to hit.


if there is no ILS there may be other types of approaches availabe. what kind of approaches are available in the charts?

If there is no ILS you could always look up the airport charts and fly a GPS, visual, or VOR approach :).

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