How do I apply phpVMS Skins?

How do i skin my VA Transit MastAir?

I need help with it because its very confusing on how to do it. Can someone help?

Is this for VA?

Hey there!

As a start you can take a look on the phpVMS Forums:

If you’d like additional assistance, I recommend going with the below organsation: Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites!

Yes it is.

I see you’ve got your Crew Center through Infinite Airlines. @Artem_F is the guy to contact. Just tell him the name of the skin and give him a link to download it and he’ll sort it out.


He has already used that website.
@pilot0674, I would recommend asking @Artem_F further, I am sure he would be happy to help.
Edit: @KaiM beat me to it ;)

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I can make one for you, I only don’t have a domain…

Ok, but can you also teach me how to? I wanna know incase i wanna change something

Yeah, but you have the basics - so installing the phpvms - and the skinning…

im actually unsure which to install for phpvms. Can i have the link to the correct ones to install?

Artem and I use this one


Should I continue in PM for the tutorial?

Yes please.

cool captain !!

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