How do I apply for IFATC

I have wanted to apply for months. My birthday was just last week so I’m finally old enough to become. So how do I do it

Hey there! You can head over to this link and apply for IFATC once you fill out the forms and meet all requirements.

An IFATC recruiter will then PM you here on the IFC and get you started if you meet all requirements.


@LordWizrak hit the nail on the head! If you have any other questions regarding the process, feel free to spark a PM with me and I can help you with anything you need. Thanks!


Hope to see you on the team nico!! I’m almost there.


Thanks! I’ll be doing it now


Pm me on discord tomorrow and I’ll start helping you prepare for your written.

Just applied


That’s great! Hopefully we see you join IFATC soon! 🙂

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Take the practice test and pm me your score.
Do you know where to find it? I don’t feel like linking it here all fancy Lil everybody else would have 😅.

Bet ok will do ok

Here’s the link of the practice test:
Good luck!

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