How Do I Appeal For My Warning To Be Reverted

So I was on approach into Palma De’Majorca and the approach frequency had been off for a while. So I tuned into Barcelona Centre and after 10 minutes of being with the centre I was instructed to the new approach. I then checked in and requested a approach on the GPS for runway 24L. I was then given radar vectors but replied unable, 15 seconds later I was disconnected for ‘not following ATC instructions’. Another one example was when I was on approach into Amsterdam-Schiphol and was on approach and then suddenly I was disconnected for ‘not going around’ when I was not instructed to. I hope that somebody can help me with this as I really want to continue flying on the expert server.

Who was your controller? It should show if you check your replay.

Please send a PM to @appeals if you feel that the violation was unjustified, thanks!

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Welcome to the forum! For your case, I’d PM your controller, and if you need help finding their IFC account, please check here! While I’m not sure of the specifics, if you replied unable because you wanted to stick to your FPL, please don’t do that in the future; ATC instructions will take priority over your FPL. Keep unable to situations where you’ll end up in a mountain if you follow the vectors. Hopefully this’ll get sorted out!

Be sure to check out this post if you want to avoid IFATC reports.

Also welcome to the community btw!

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