How do I add pictures/mention people on a post?

Hi! I have been trying to edit a post in group flights category but it only lets me edit the tags and title. Any way to fix this?

Hey mate,

Are you selecting the actually pencil (edit) icon in the post itself and not the title?

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Pencil icon

So just double checking, you aren’t selecting the pencil icon in the tile but instead selecting the pencil icon in the actually post, like I’ve circled on my post as an example?

Oh, I am selecting the one near the title

So I should select the one under post?

Yes, that is correct. Select the one under the post if you are wanting to edit the actual post including adding pictures and mentioning people.

Okay, thanks!

No worries mate, glad I could help you out!

Also, just wondering if I could get a template for a fly-out/event?

I recommend taking a look at the Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial that I’ve linked below:

There is an easy copy and paste formats that you can access on the topic linked above, including fly out and fly in events.

Hope this helps you out!

One more thing! How do I get clouds like this:

If you have updated your app to 21.1 and above you can access clouds. If you already have 21.1+, you can adjust the clouds to your liking, and to do so go to weather settings when you pause the game inflight/on ground.

However, the clouds displayed on this picture are photoshopped and are a WIP in Infinite Flight which will most likely be released with Project Metal. We only have thin clouds layers such as cirrus clouds right now. :)

This photo was posted by @IF-Mallorca in one of his topics just recently. That photo can be found down below.

Side note: Project Metal is a continuous update to the game graphics engine and behind the scene things, this allows for newer 3D clouds to come later (hopefully). You can read more about it down below!

Infinite Flight Project Metal | Infinite Flight


Thanks all!

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