How do I add expert tag to my post?

Can anyone please help me?

You can only add #expert, #training or #casual tags in #live:events and #live:groupflights. To the right of where the category selection is, there’s an option for tags. Click on it and search for expert, click on the tag, and you’re done :)

i dont have this thing?

I believe you have to be a certain trust level.

I think if you ask the mods, they’ll change it for you

Ah, of course. Sorry!

That’s because you’re not TL2 (Member), which means you can’t create #live:events topics yet (and hence can’t use those tags). You can, however, create #live:groupflights topics, and you should be able to select those tags :)

how do i know what trust level im on?

You’ll get a notification from IF system when you get promoted. In the meantime just be active and be sure to check in every day and before you know it! You’ll be a TL2. You can also check Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog for more info however the discourse and IFC req are different.

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ok thanks!

If you go into your profile you’ll see “Trust Level” and it will display whether you are a “Basic User (TL1), Member (TL2), Regular (TL3), Leader (TL4)” This is what yours looks like:

As mentioned already, you are a “Basic User (TL1)”, you won’t be able to make topics in #features, #live:groupflights, #live:events, #ground-school:community-tutorials, #live:va, #real-world-aviation and #real-world-aviation:spotting.

Just stay active, be kind and of course have a diverse engagement in different topics and you’ll get promoted in no time :)

Sadly no, he won’t be able to post in #live:groupflights as it is also reserved for TL2s and above.

Thank You so so so much!

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I hope you don’t mean they’ll change your trust level.

No ofc not, I meant they’ll change the topic genre for you. Not the trust level.

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