How do I activate my account on SimBrief?

I tried making an account for SimBrief but cant activate my account how do I?

go to the email you used to make your account with. They should have sent you a verification email.

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Hi, I would take a look at this Simbrief introduction made by Chris and see if what you are looking for is in this topic.

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Thanks guys for the help im in and its such a cool website :D

Hey guys, I’m trying to sign-up for Simbrief but have been waiting for a few days now, and still no Verification Email. Have checked spam/junk folder constantly. And yes, I did enter my regular and valid email address. Is there a way I can contact the developers/site owner?


Is it possible you entered in your email incorrectly?

@BennyBoy_Alpha He says he did. I would try contacting support to manually verify @Marquisio

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