How do I access my own stats?

I have accessed my own stats such as online flights, landings etc, but I have completely forgotten how to find it can anyone help. Thanks

You will be able to check this with the new update, if you are on iOS it will be released soon.

If you are on android, you can download it now.

Do you have the new update? If yes follow this:

Click on your username with XP and stuff on the top right corner, click on the grade X column and look to the furthermost right column.

If you don’t have the update, follow this:

Go to and check your stats, log in and you can see your stats

Or grab a friend and go on live together and he can screenshot your stats

Hope it helps!

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Thank you very much unfortunately I’m on IOS so no update but I will definitely do the other method thanks

Or place your plane on any live airfield and then go to, find your plane and view your stats there.

Thank you I went on to account.infinite flight and I found my stats thanks anyway