How do have report reviewed?

On a flight from klax to kjfk am handed off from Approach controller to tower. Tower clears me for runway 31L, I was number 1to land. After landing tower instruct me to exit runway when possible. I respond and slow down to about 20 knots. I get a message am ghosted for not maintaining minimum distance. There was not other aircraft on the runway or taxi way I was moving to. I have the flight recording how can I have this reviewed, thanks.

Shoot a polite & understanding message to the controller who reported you and if you’d like, you can additionally add a moderator to the PM as well.

You can check who your controller was by looking at your logbook, specifically at the flight where you were ghosted.

They’ll be happy to help you out and let you know on what happened from their perspective (:

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Send a message to the controller.

If you are unsure who the controller was, search for their name here on the forum or ask (if they have a different forum name).

Look at the logbook there is the name of the controller

I was the controller, and I’m in contact with the OP now. Thanks for the help everyone!