How do Check rides work in IF

Hey guys I was just curious about how these checkrides work and how they are conducted on IF.

I know that check rides are conducted to assess competency and skill set to keep up proficiency in real world aviation but I’m interested in how they are done on IF. I’m just used to someone being in the cockpit for a check ride but I’m right in thinking there is no shared cockpit on here right

I often refer to these as LPC and OPC in my operations job one being Line and other being Operational proficiency checks

Sorry if this may seem like a daft question 😅

Do you mean like a VA checkride? IF doesn’t require you to do any checkrides.

Hey there,

Not a daft question at all! You are correct, there is no shared cockpit so check-rides can happen in a couple of different ways.

For a VA check-ride it usually involves conducted a short flight between two local airports and/or some pattern work and then sharing your replay with one of the staff team.

They will then assess your operational proficiency, use of ATC etc

Or, you might be accompanied by a staff member in another aircraft where they will observe the above.


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