How do ATC choose where to control?

How strict is IFATC about opening the airports published on the new schedule? I guess it’s still a period of adjustment but kind of confusing when other airports are open before the main ones are staffed. Not trying to complain… but wondering how ATC makes their decisions

As mentioned on the schedule’s post, staffing them is completely optional.

The more common airports (KLAX, KSFO, EGLL, etc) get staffed more often. However, it’s really up to the controller wherever and whenever they want to open.

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Controllers are encouraged on trying to open the airports listed for that specific day. Though, with this new scenario - controllers aren’t confined to opening just those specified airports.

This allows for more latitude for everyone — those are enjoy a schedule & those who want freedom to open anywhere.


If you haven’t already, check out this blog explaining our new way of operating:


Good to know! Didn’t realize it was mentioned - oversight on my part. Thanks!

Cool, good to get an answer from someone on the team! Love this community

Read it but must’ve been skimming a bit. Thanks for the link!

Prior to the ATC schedule, most controllers would follow the traffic. Since the likes of EGLL or KLAX attracted a lot of pilots, these airports were staffed most of the time. We also staffed community events found in #live:events as much as possible as they were a way of opening a new airport with guaranteed traffic.

Now since we have the new hybrid system which involves an ATC schedule, controllers have been staffing these airports over other ones, like EGLL, as traffic is coming there. However it’s not compulsory to staff these airports, we do have the option to staff anywhere in the world so if we see an event in #live:events we will most likely be there or if we want to open a smaller airport not near any featured airports, we can! ;)

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