How do "anon" usernames work?

The main question is in the title, how do anon usernames work?

Additionally, how does someone turn into an anon and how are numbers generated for specific anon users?


They are users that haven’t been around for a long time I think

And I think staff can change it as well… (maybe)

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Anon users are users who have been made anonymous by moderators/staff members. This can be used at mod/staff discretion, as well as a disciplinary tool. You can also request making your account anonymous.


Answering the second question then: yep, according to discourse, the number is random.


Just to be clear Anon users are NOT active users that can log in. There is a wide number of reasons for them which I will not get into here. They were a user, now they are not.


Thanks everyone for the answers 😁 Now I have my TIL for today

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