How do airports get picked to be 3D Modeld?

Hello, I’ve been flying on IF for a bit now, and noticed that only a few airports are actually in 3D, the rest are just, flat planes. Along with the cites that they service. I understand this however, getting 3D images of airports can be a pain, not to mentions expensive for some mobile devices to render.

I was posting this to ask how exactly do new airports get picked? And will there ever be the possibility of some cites getting some basic models? I’m from Reno NV, and part of me wants to see that airport in 3D, even though it is a smaller airport and not as popular.

Hello! The process right now is based on a few main factors:

  • Making sure we grow as many of the biggest most popular ones as possible
  • Ensuring that we have a spread across the world and equally accord IFATC regions
  • Catering for GA, smaller commercial airports, and (soon) military airports to be added when we have enough major ones for the release cycle.