How do airports attract airlines?

How do airports attract airlines? Logan attracted so many International Carriers that Terminal E is full (and more are coming). How do they do it?

P.S suggesting routes doesn’t really help. I asked multiple airlines to fly to MHT, and it never happened.

It’s just about demand, size, location, and price to operate at an airport. It needs to have a good demand for a route, and assuming there are other airports in the city, airlines want the cheapest and largest to operate at, and in most cases want the airport downtown.


KMHT is within proximity to Downtown (like 4-10mins depending on traffic), and we’re pretty much a reliever for Logan. And I’m guessing MHT may be cheaper than BOS.

It’s a lot farther than 10 minutes.

It’s inconvenient to the passenger, which may drive away service from the airlines operating there.

But Boston has so many traffic jams and delays. Manchester, NH is a city, it’s not like Boston, but our airport does nothing to attract new airlines. We tried attracting JetBlue to fly out of here, they turn us down 3 times, THREE TIMES. Back in 2005, we ALMOST got JetBlue to fly into MHT, that is until SOUTHWEST had to move to Boston.

I especially tried. I emailed every US airline (Frontier, Silver…) to fly here.

At the end of the day they are running a business, one with extremely tight margins. Airlines are only going to fly profitable routes; that means ones with consistent demand, cheap enough fuel costs, sufficient revenue, among many other things, many of which are stated above. They aren’t going to fly somewhere just because a few people want them to.


Boston has many traffic jams, but aren’t you also going to endure that when you’re arriving downtown?

50 minutes is a big difference than the ability to arrive downtown, catch a cab or whatever you need, and get your hotel in a fast amount of time. The purpose of Manchester normally is to service Manchester and other New Hampshire regions. As far as the airlines go, it’s their decision. They know the profits. They know the demands. It comes with deep survey and analyzation of what means best for business.

I think location of the airport has a lot to do as well. A well known example could be Dubai Int’l. Since Dubai is near the middle of the earth, a lot of transatlantic flights would do stop overs at Dubai Int’l for refueling in those days when it had only one terminal and when Dubai was mostly desert. It really contributed a lot to the early economy of Dubai, helping it grow to the city it is today.

All I want is just a new route. It’s sad that’s MHT lost so many routes due to mergers. United cut the Cleveland to Manchester route. It’s sad to see that Manchester is losing while Boston is winning. Plus, seeing the same airline is boring. I would like t see a new airline at MHT.

That’s just the result of a smaller airport. It’s a truth that can’t be helped until populations begin growing the demand. I live in Rochester and we’re quite small for an airport. Rarely get flights, and ours are from like 5 airlines, I completely understand why. You never know, maybe some airline that will operate low-demand intercontinental flights will some day arrive to your airport. Norwegian has been eyeing Hartford, CT.

I wish Norwegian could fly into MHT. A flight to Europe would be waaaaaay convenient for me, as i prefer Manchester over Boston.

I would prefer going far to take an intercontinental flight. Last two years, my dad and I drove 3 hours up to Toronto to have our flight to Norway.

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