How do airlines nickname their aircraft?

JetBlue nicknames most of their aircraft with, surprisingly enough, “blue” related phrases and terms.

Some examples include:
Bravo Lima Uniform Echo, Blue Skies, Born to be Blue, and my favorite of all, Beantown Blue. This list can go on forever.

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Jetblue does have great names! My favorite is Blueprint, an E190 painted to look like the blueprint of the aircraft.

Icelandair names their planes after famous glaciers and volcanoes in their country.
Eyjafjallajökull Is a volcano in central Iceland.


I saw the link provided on how Virgin America names their aircraft, but I am still really interested on how they named one of their aircraft, “legally high”…just saying


question: what is the ‘alphabet’ called that pilots and ATC use when referring to aircraft. e.g: Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta and so fourth

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sorry! Will take note next time.

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I know Austrian Airlines partakes in this activity as well. Many airlines, including KLM, does this.

KLM naming is:
Airbus A330s: City Squares Worldwide
Boeing 737s: Birds
Boeing 777s: World Heritage Sites
Boeing 747s: World Cities
Boeing 747 Freighters: Ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC)
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners: Flowers



Nice photo! Eyjafjallajokull, that is how I should named my daughter😀. Eyjafjallajokull, volcano whose eruption disrupted ait traffic over Europe, my trip to UK was cancelled, I spent more time with my girlfriend and nine months later I became a dad.


lufthansa does this
Aer lingus does this
Icelandair Does this
Wow (had names in registration :))

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