How do Airlines Decide What Planes They Use on a Route?

The question is above. Sometimes I see that the route from Munich to Washington (LH414) uses an A330, and sometimes they use an A340 instead. This is the same for other routes too. Does it depend on the demand for the route, amount of passengers, etc…


Normally it depends on demand, and sometimes fuel efficiency and cost of operation. Also aircraft availability. That’s why you may see a380’s on relatively short flights and narrow bodies flying across the Atlantic!


It also depends on the density of the route and what types of airplanes the AirPort can serve

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The way airlines decide what planes they put on routes is what the airplane is built for. Some are made for long range, some for short range. Some carry 100 passengers some carry 800 passengers.

Before I go on, this is all theoretical and what I would do with my own airline (if I had one):
Firstly, the airplane must meet the range requirements. For instance, if it’s a transpacific flight, you don’t put a 737 on that route. You would put an aircraft with a longer range like a 787. Next, the route popularity must be factored in. If it’s a route like KJFK-KLAX, you’re going to want to put an aircraft that can hold more people. Routes with less demand will have smaller planes that don’t hold that many people.

There are multiple other factors that airlines take in when placing aircraft on routes, but those are the primary factors.


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