How display IF on a Macbook (from an ANDROID device..) and play with Joystick

Hi everyone
First of all, sorry for my english level (i’m french). I wish you’ll understand my questions…
My Device is a Samsung (S7 edge).
My computer is a MacBook Pro
My favorite game is Infinite Flight
My Joystick is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

Is somebody could explain me how to display IF on my Mac (from a Android Device) and play with my joystick.

Thanks a lot Captains

Have a look in here as a starting point for your conquest.


Donc, si Infinite Flight Connect vous permet d’utiliser un joystick, mais je ne sais pas comment l’afficher sur un ordinateur.

I translated this with google translate for this so sorry if anything is written improperly. Although the link @American232 gave you is very helpful.

Thanks for helping me


No need to use #support:francais if you are speaking in English, it is only if you do not know English and are typing it in French. Changed it for you :)

Pretty silly wouldn’t you say Kevin. I changed this to help him out since his strong suit is French and not English.

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Hello @ROD_Zilla for future references there is a French support section available if that would make it easier for you to understand :)


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