How didn’t I know this place existed? @SPZO

Hey IFC!
I know! This place is incredible! I never have really gone to South America, and it’s amazing down there! I went out exploring after taking off from SPKO! Lovely approach @Enrique_Fernandez gave me a good time! Haha I’m not kidding, complicated approach, but fun! Here are the details
Aircraft: Fairchild A-10 warthog

Callsign: N24320

Server: Expert
Here are the photos, enjoy!
Lift off from runway 10!

Awesome cockpit to this awesome plane

Following the canyons headed for the white mountains in the above photo

Approaching the mountains

Heavy swerve around a canyon headed back toward the airport

Cleared for approach runway 28

Landing runway 28 (sorry to @Philippe_Gilbert for causing issues)

I hope you enjoyed!
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No worries. The ghost was reversed :)

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Woah what!? @Philippe_Gilbert You were ghosted?

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Yes, because I took off while you were on final. No worries, you did nothing wrong :)

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Haha saw both of you there! Loved the airport as well. :)

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