How did you start playing IF?

I was craving a flight simulator that I could easily access without the burden of a PC at the time, back in 2012. I found Infinite Flight through searching the App Store and the rest is history, flying within the regions with the 747 in the Boeing House Colors. Good times at Half Moon Bay when multiplayer launched.

I was looking at “plane games” in the app store to play during a long train trip and downloaded IF because it had the Super Decathlon - my favorite plane at the time.

The decathlon left but I seem to still be here :)


I was scrolling through plane games in the App Store one day in 2016, and well the moment I saw IF, I was shocked that real liveries were in a flight sim as I had never seen that before. From there, I was HOOKED to this sim and still am to this day.

Came here from RFS too!


Wow! So i literally went on the Apple App store and searched for flight simulators! And there it was ‘Infinite Flight Simulator’. I played for on Solo mode for 2 years then after got the Pro (1 year) subscription!:D From Grade 1 to 4! Golly been quite a while!:D

For me, this is quite interesting. Around 6 years ago, flying home on a Thomas Cook a321, I bought 2 models, the cabin manager asked me if I liked planes, then showed me an app on his iPad. He got me into Infinite Flight, then a tour of the cockpit.

I remember this very vividly:

In June 2013, I was looking for an actual flight simulator after getting bored of playing “F18 Carrier Landing” by Rortos. I came across IF and still remember it costing $5 with the Qantas A380 as the front picture.

When my birthday came a month after, I received a $15 iTunes gift card as a gift and immediately knew what this meant. I needed to buy IF and sure enough, I did it.

At the time, I felt as if I made a significant investment because of the quality of the planes, especially the U.S. AIrways A321. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the sim and it even put me on the path to pursue an aviation-related career!

P.S. Bring back the U.S. Airways livery on the A321!!!


Back in fall of 2013 8 year old me was looking for flight simulators on my iPad and I came across infinite flight. Didn’t know what I was doing at the time but still continued to play everyday

I think in 2014, when I was about to turn 13 years old. I have always been very passionate about aviation since I was a child. I spent hours of my day playing “Tupolev-something” on a site called “clickjogos”. I found out about Infinite Flight by searching for flight simulators on the Google store. I didn’t have the money to buy it so most of my searches on YouTube were “Infinite Flight (version) APK download” hehehe. That’s how I played it for the first time. Until 2017, when developers found a way to stop it. The years of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 passed and finally in October 2022 I downloaded and subscribed to the PRO.

Searched up “Flight Simulator” in 2016 a whole year before Swiss001 started. And then I stopped playing around 2018-2022 but I still had the app on my device so in 2022, I started playing again but this time, I had a PRO subscription. And well, in about 3 hours after I write this reply, I will do a long haul in the sim!

Oh boy it’s been so long; I started playing like a year after they launched the game but I play some sort of basic flight simulator prior to discovery of IF. One day I saw it and downloaded it and the rest was history 😂

I was looking for flight simulators in the play store.

On a boring sunday I was looking around the Play Store for flight simulators and I ended up with a simulator called “Airplane Fly Hawaii”, made by Tri Ones Games. After unlocking all the planes available I tried “Airplane Fly the Swiss Alps”, also made by Tri Ones Games. In this simulator I also unlocked everything so I carried on searching for a new challenge.
This is the moment I found Infinite Flight. After a few months without a subscription and buying a lot of planes I decided to go all-in and took the Pro. It must have been back in 2016, way before Global. Sometimes I do miss the chaos at KNUC…

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