How did you start playing IF?

For me I was driving home from Dulles when I came in from Toronto Pearson when I was looking for plane games, I came across Infinite flight, I gave it a try, and got hooked.


Searched “plane” in the App Store back in 2012…. Found IF at some point in that, used it a little but I didn’t really get into it until about a year prior to global’s release


I got hooked when my uncle (God rest his sole) took us up to DEEP wooding country in ME, USA and we were up there with 1 cabin with Wi-Fi then I wanted to play a flight sim and didn’t have a computer with me so I had IF already on my phone I just played and did some landings without pro and then when I got back I asked my dad to get me pro and here we are 900 hours of flight time later.

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very similar to me, but i knew what IF was bc of @Swiss and funny enough, IF was on the app store and I could get it. then, I played without a sub for a good while then finally in 2020 or 2021, I got a sub and got hooked. here I am now, a small way away from G4

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Nice! I started playing when my brother introduced the game to me now on track to join IFATC any day now, I love this game💙

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I too initially played without a sub, but one day I decided to give Live a go, and it was busier than FSX’s servers I’ve been on so I kept coming back (FSX is what got me into and introduced me to the flight simulator world in the first place)


i miss air baloons dong M10.2

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I was bored at my grandmas house (typical) and decided to search for a flight simulator I could play. I found Infinite Flight and soon decided to get pro after that.

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I searched plane games in app store, it was i 2016 I think. I played with free version a lot but it was quite annoying, and I stopped for very long time but I had decided to buy the pro subscription later.

Jump to 2022, May 31 to be precise, I created this account and bought a subscription, I was so proud of me when I reached expert server, and now I continue playing

Was watching YouTube and saw a person named “Swiss001”, watched his video about a mobile flight sim and found IF.


I bought it because it was on sale.

Got fed up with X-Plane on Android. Looked for another realistic sim… Here I am.


My first flight was from Providence to Tampa in 2014 and I looked up when we landed “airplane games” and stumbled upon infinite flight. I didn’t know what I was doing and created an account. Got a lot of violations that are stuck with me today :)

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I discovered the game when I was young, when my cousin was playing the game.
I was too poor for the game at that time
Now I have the ability to pay I am now enjoying the game :)

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For me, my parents form me a DualSense Controller for my birthday. I searched on my iPad, plane simulators that work with a controller on iPad. Guess what popped up? Yeah you guessed it, Infinite Flight!
Months later, I bought IF PRO!


literally searched plane simulator when i was 5

Back in 2013 searched flight simulator download IF & messed around on solo

Stopped for 4 years got back into it when global was new

Every since then for 6 years i’ve been hooked onto it

I used to play RFS… I watched a lot of videos about IF but never got it. Finally, i got persuaded to try it in April last year, but due to game crashes i cancelled my pro sub. I got it back before christmas, joined the IFC, and now here i am!

Before I wasn’t broke to get MSFS2020, I was looking for a flight sim to replace it for the mean time. For some of you that don’t know, I don’t currently have an IF pro subscription, so you may be wondering, how do you afford MSFS but not IF? It’s a long story…

Tried it on a family friend’s iPad in 2017, did an approach into san-fran in a 737 got it a year later