How did you learn how to fly? (in IF)

This is something that got me curious since I started seeing the vast number of users on this forum with a deep knowledge of aviation. Of course, many of the users here are certified pilots or work in the field of aviation, but for the vast majority of us, we are simple hobbyists who had to learn how to fly on our own. I thought it would a great idea to create this post as a place for everyone to share their story in learning how to fly (even for those who are certified to fly) and the struggles and funny moments we went through.


Is this for real-life flying or for flying in IF? If it’s for real life you should change the topic to the #real-world-aviation category.

No actually it’s for simulation flying. Sorry for not being clear.

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I started out as a nimrod destructive pilot at KHAF back in 2013, garnering a total of 149 violations in 3 weeks


I flew on solo for about 6 months before deciding to buy a subscription so I was already an ok pilot when I started out. Watching tutorials helped too


I was self taught. Took me an unusually fast 2 years (time flies when you’re having fun 😉) to get everything straightened out. Once I got flying in general in the bag, I wanted to get the new-at-the-time ATC system in my head. I was at first afraid of the approach, as I barely understood what they do, until I found out it was simple as turn this, descend that and contact tower, good day. When it came to new aircraft, I would watch some of @Mark_Denton’s very useful tutorials. When it came to professionalism, I learned the rest of it from my great experience in IFAE which continues to today.

Overall, moral of the story: The more you study, the more expert you are. Stay hungry for your brain’s food. 👍🏻

Smooth Skies,


I started of a KSBD in Southern California region back in 2014 flying about and practicing taking off and landing and avoiding class a and b airspaces 😂, got my standing up to 100% and the rest is history.

I was here long before live. Back then there were tutorials built into the game. That’s how I learned.


Watching every single episode of Air Crash Investigation gave me a lot of knowledge and key vocab about Aviation and I self learnt to fly


I had a little self taught experience and laws of the air sort of thing but I too joined when we had the C172 tutorials and I used that for the controls.

I just played around with the controls and learned with time

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You’d be surprised at how much Google can teach you!

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Also learned through that tutorial, but it was only after a couple of crashes with jets on solo.

Once I finally committed myself to learning I started out flying the SR22. I flew that until I was comfortable enough to move on to jets like the Citation, E170 and 738. This approach along with gathering as much aviation knowledge as I could from other resources has helped me tremendously.

I bought this game back in 2013. It did not took me long to get used to the controlls. I was not the best pilot, but after time and more experience I became better at flying. I have improved my take-off`s and landings since that time.

I watched the IF Video Training Series on YouTube.

I used to play some flight simulators as a kid, which gave me the basic understanding of manouvering an aircraft.

Then one day several years ago I asked myself on my way to vacation, what does all the markings and symbols on the taxiways and runways mean. So I googled it - and the door to civil aviation has suddenly opened (still, I don’t know even 15% of this stuff).

On IF, took me a lot of trial, error, violations and crashes to learn how to control the aircraft. Still improving every day and only recently I dared to enter the expert server and fly to IFATC active airport.


well my main problem was landing so I learned that in video tutorials, and I also practiced alot before multiplayer came out, after multiplayer and global the community informed me some of the more minor things I was doing wrong, and now here I am today, I’m not gonna lie im still not perfect but I think im decent now, atleast compared to what I used to be.

I just practiced it. And learnt myself.

I was self-taught, I bought Infinite Flight in 2016, so there still were 2 tutorials that taught me the basics. On my first live flight, I got six violations flying from KLAX-KSAN. Today, I am still not perfect but I have learned a LOT over the past 2 years.