How did you hear about Infinite Flight?

in 2016 in pe class, my friend showed me the game, and been flying since.

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I was playing X-PLANE and saw a video with a simple flight control menu so I downloaded it and became obsessed.

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Somewhat by chance, really. The year is 2011. Or 2012, I don’t really remember. Anyways, I was into FSX big time, on my low end laptop so the performance of FSX was rather lackluster.
It was one particular night I was thinking if there was a way to run FSX on a different device, or maybe even a different flight simulator that ran better, and idea dawned on me: what if there was a flight simulator for the iPad?.
So I went to the app store and punched in “flight simulator” to the search bar and bing bing bong: there’s Infinite Flight