How did you hear about Infinite Flight?

I thought that was good XD. IF is WAY WAY WAY better

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SAME! Literally same way I found infinite flight!

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On my old Ipad, I had infinite flight (The OG version). And when it was my birthday, I got a new iPad. The new IF versions. And the Subscription. Ever since then, I’ve been flying on IF.

Swiss001 and then I moved in to Xplane 1st then moved to IF because of covid and it being 1 dollar (+Southwest canyon blue,and it being the only mobile game with it)

I found it on App Store.

I read it somewhere online and was like infiniteflight=infiniteFun

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Do you run out of fuel?? Turbine green fuel that I forgot the name to? and 100LowLead blue jet fuel? Or is it literally infiniteFuel!!!

Same here,
I did flew thousands of hours in Airline Commander game by RFS developers, and ended up becoming senior captain in that app lol. Then got bored out and searched up the App Store and found this one and really liked it. As it does not get boring!


Just me scrolling through the app store. Then finding Infinite Flight and I already was an avgeek so I was like “Ooh, whats this?” Then I got the app and a year later got pro. And i’ve been happily playing IF for 3 1/2 years!

I heard about it though some real life pilots and a relative of mine whos a pilot. I played it once on the solo version and got hooked. Been playing since late 2017.

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I searched for flight simulator on App Store, then I found Infinite Flight.
I did some research about it on youtube and I watched Swiss 001 and other people videos and thus I was convinced to decide IF for the quality


and not something else called Real Fake Sim.

my brother introduced it to me back in 2018. (found out about IF community later in the years)

It’s was November 28 2014 I remember seeing “top 5 plane simulators” on YouTube. Nothing caught my eye but infinite flight. I was hooked on too it and begged my dad to buy it for me.Now in 2022 it’s crazy to see how much the simulator has grown. Very proud of the developers for there hard work!

As a kid I scrolled through the App Store and I believe during the year they released this I had downloaded it! Been a fun long journey Infinite Flight!

Many improvements have been made

I found it on youtube, so it looked cool. So i brought it and had it ever since.

Swiss 001 mocking IF sim “then i decided to try it” was subscribed to rfs back then “after that subscription ws done never went back to rfs had to do IF” 2yrs now n counting.

Around 2013 when I was watching a vlogger who is a traveller, and while flying he was playing infinite flight then I searched it on Google play store only to find out it wasn’t compatible with my device ;-;

so I downloaded a pirated version >:)

But 2 years ago I finally downloaded IF again from the Play store and bought the pro version :D

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I heard of IF while Pandemic conquered the world, although I frequently saw the App as a recommendation for me on the AppStore. My final decision to join in was affected by several YT videos to check if this could potentially be the right fit to my love for aviation sims. And I can finally say: it did/does :)

Exactly the same except in 2014. But I didn’t buy pro until 2019.

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My dad was looking for « games » on his new iPad back in 2011-2012 and downloaded IF… As I still was young, I started playing on his iPad and from that moment, I became addicted to this app! When I got my first iPad, IF was the first app I downloaded on it 🛫
I’m now 19 yo and this app is still my favorite among all the others I have!