How did you hear about Infinite Flight?

The title says it all, how did you hear about Infinite Flight and when did you start playing the game?


I heard about Infinite Flight from Swiss001 and started playing it right before the A330 came out.


I searched up airplane simulator in the App Store in 2015 and found infinite and I was obsessed


Same, expect I chose RFS first 🤮🤮


In 2017 I became interested in aviation when I flew with my hands on the controls for the first time (Civil Air Patrol)

Eventually, I decided I want to be an airline pilot and fly big planes.

After that, I wanted to sort of do my dream job but in a small way that I can (basically what simulators are for lol)

Long story short, I searched the App Store for “airliner flight simulator realistic” and I found Infinite Flight. After thinking about it for a few days, I decided to spend my last $5 on it.

Have never regretted it since ❤️ ✈️


It was in June of 2013 when I was playing a game called F18 Carrier Landings by Rortos. I got bored and then decided to surf the App store, looking for other flight sims. There it was, the holy grail of all flight simulators…Infinite Flight. I remember seeing the “detailed” Qantas A380 as one of the first screenshots and then thought this just might be the best flight simulator out there! To this day, I couldn’t agree more!


I had to wait for several hours in the Hospital , and I was looking in the App Store for a Flight Simulator:)

I downloaded the most expensive App ( cause I thought it would be good ) and forgot it for 1 1/2 years . I had to wait at the airport cause my Flight was delayed . I tooked a look back into the app after this long time … And I was impressed how this app developed in 1 1/2 years . After a short time … i was interested in the multiplayer. But I thought nobody would be there… and holy moly … i was soooo impressed . Global , ATC …


To this day, I think we all can agree that IF is the best, despite what others might argue!


Adds from the Google play store then begging my dad for 5 years to buy a subscription

Now I’m grade 4 and loving it


Searching “Flight Simulator” on the App Store, then found IF, which i became obsessed soon later.


Exactly the way I found it as well, lol.

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Swiss001 before his content degraded lol

Just searched plane on the App Store back in 2012 and I got it (well my dad did). It was £2.99 or £1.99 back then I think

Yes I remember back then, it cost money, lol

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I got it from a old Aviation YouTuber back in 2015 he was flying the 747-400 and it was amazing game and it cost 5.99 back then

Someday I somehow discovered flight sims in the Windows store on my old Nokia phone…
I had 0 clue abt aviation, literally knew nothing, but it looked interesting.
So I downloaded the demo version and tried to “fly” the cessna.
Failed miserably. Stall, crash, you know, noob stuff.

However I somehow wanted to buy the full version cause it had (for that time) quite good graphics.
Bought it, crashed a million times, still had fun :D

As time went by, I sort of went down deeper in the aviation rabbit hole and got hooked on it.
Then I bought more and more planes, regions, got Insta to post IF pics and the muliplayer ofc and was so impressed by it all. Didnt have a continuous sub for like 5 years bcs I had no money yet, but I still loved posting pics and see how many other people enjoyed the sim just like I did, and well thats how I ended up right here lol

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In 2014-2015, I saw my older brother’s friend playing this, and how much I loved things like this I knew I had to get it too. I remember the first thing I asked him about it was if it had cool crashes, and was disappointed to hear that the planes didn’t blow up in a million pieces when you crash them. I don’t care so much about that these days, but I still had to get the game. Even then, I only got live a month ago, and I have never played as much as I do now
I found a photo, it was exactly 8 years to this day when I purchased IF:


I used to play flight pilot 3d extreme for ages, then saw a YouTube video and heard about this simulator, searched up their website to get a further insight into IF and I then installed the game. Been hooked ever since!

Like many others here, I was just looking for a mobile plane Simulator that is just fun and playable as well close to realistic looking aircrafts to fly via play store in Android; found Infinite Flight and thought hmmm what this?
It was the most expensive of the lot, purchased for a month to try it out while recovering from a knee operation on and off back in 2018 before deciding to join the IFC in the early part of 2019 and been playing since on a regular basis (with few months breaks every now and then).

I played Flight Pilot 3D aswell before IF 😂

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