How did you get into liking aviation?

Hey IFC,
I was at school today and I had to write something about our favourite hobbies now mine is aviation, then we had to explain how we got into liking the hobby. It then can to mind how other people got into liking aviation. So if you will be kind enough to maybe tell me and everyone else what got you into aviation?

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Well, I used to live in London and we would go plane spotting and I just loved it. We moved to the states and I sort of forgot about it, but in the recent years I’ve gotten to like it a lot more.

What got me really back into aviation was my discovery flight, and that has lead me to take lessons and continue on my path to work for one of the big boys one day.


Simply by not flying that much IRL I wanted to learn about the ins and outs of aviation after a while then I wound up where I am now. Plus my grandfather worked for Pratt and Wittney so he showed me some things about aviation

Here would be a good place to have a look!

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I literally looked everywhere and could not find a topic similar grrr