How did you get into Infinite Flight?

You went from someone who couldn’t even land to and ATC community manager. Wow anything is possible. I’m gonna go from some random infinite flight player to owner of and airline conpany. 😂😂


I got into Infinite Flight after searching for a space simulator on the App Store - all the way back in 2013. The App Store recomended IF to me, probably because of the space shuttle missions. I bought the app and immediately ditched the shuttle for the Delta 717. Live came in 2014, which I didn’t buy until October of 2015. I then joined the community in November of '15, and have been along for the ride ever since. IF cured my fear of flying, and also inspired me to work towards my private pilot liscence.


I found the app by downloading Aerofly FS 2 and watching a random IF video from the official youtube channel.

I had just bought my first iPad (the iPad 2) when I was a senior in high school. I was randomly going through the app store looking up various games and I thought, “I wonder if there’s a flight sim?” Infinite flight was one if the first ones to come up. Was the very first app I paid for (EVER!) and I fell in love with it. The graphics and physics were nothing like they are today, didn’t have Multiplayer at the time, but I still loved it. Ironically planes have always interested me, but I’m scared of flying 😅

But infinite flight was the best $5 I ever spent, and its still my favorite app today. Nothing I’ve seen comes close to what FDS has accomplished


I bought IF in 2013/14 (can’t remember) played with it for a few days, looking for a nice flightsim. Sadly, I had no knowledge of aviation, so I was pretty much that guy who tailstriked on takeoff from KSFO. Then I took a year long break until live came out. I first bought live (and me being the noob I was) spawned in a Delta/Echo in the London Region with an Embraer and tried taking off. Naturally, I ran off the runway and crashed (everyone was probably laughing at this moment too). I took another long break after this, then found youtube and started watching @IFSM and Infinite Flight Multiplayer. This is when I truly learned to fly and learned how to properly use flaps, climb, descend, use ATC, etc. After learning how to do this in solo, I was a pretty good pilot. Then I found the community and my whole understanding of flying changed. I learned so much from the regs, Mark and Tyler with their tutorials and came to where I am now :).


Great question, fun thread. For me I was just looking for any diversion, a cheap little game to calm the mind while I take a break from work or settle down in the evening, that sort of thing. So not seeking a sim in particular, but I stumbled on IF and downloaded on a whim, now here I am over a year later with ~380hrs to my name, plus an active interest in aviation and pursuing the ppl in a couple years. I had enough casual interest and knowledge to make it through the initial part of the learning curve, but I truly doubt that I’d have got to this level of passion and immersion without finding this community, so thanks to all.


I’m gonna make this quick and summarise it as much as possible.

Christmas, December 2015 my dad bought me a model of an Emirates A380 and I became obsessed with it, so I really wanted to land and takeoff a plane (I know right, how can a model plane make you want to land a plane?) So I went on my phone and searched for flight simulators (like everyone else) and I saw infinite flight. It looked amazing, the reviews were fantastic and I really wanted to play then I saw it cost money so I was like mum! Can I please get it!? So she bought it for me and I was like… I don’t know how to fly this! I can still remember saying that today… anyway, I eventually became obsessed with flying the planes then one day I accidentally clicked the facebook link to IF’s Facebook page and I saw a link to the Infinite Flight Community (July 11th, 2016) and that’s where I met new friends and learned a lot more about aviation blah blah, and then October came with the dreamliner update and I became obsessed with the plane, that day was also the day I discovered Laura then I discovered she was the co founder then moving on to the next couple of months I learned a lot about aviation and all that blah blah… And I made more friends and discovered who the moderators and other staff were and that’s pretty much it! I’m sorry this is such a long paragraph by the way…


I remember, in 2013, I purchased IF. I was attracted by the pictures, and hence decided to install the app. I remember doing touch and goes in the Cessna 172, and doing flights in London region in an Embraer. After doing the space shuttle mission, I started playing IF regularly. When live came, I remember flying in one of the most crowded airports at that time - KHAF. After live, I started flying a lot daily. I also like the fact that the developers keep making this app better with every update. For example, the terrain and graphics improvement -



Thank you so much for your service sir.

Exact same thing happened to me!! I could never do the mission so I just gave up. Lol


Back in the summer of 2015, I was flying back from Nassau to either LAX or San Diego with Jetblue and their A320. Something just clicked with me during this trip, and I went on the search for a flight simulator. A couple months later I stumbled upon Infinite Flight, and after a bit of debate, I bought it. Fast forward to November 15, 2015, and I decided to join the forums. Looking back, when I started flying on IF, I could barely fly the plane and didn’t know almost of the controls. Now, I am striving to earn good grades to get accepted into Embry-Riddle, I can read and explain ATC chatter, charts, and planes. There’s something that makes you happy when you know a whole lot that you’re family doesn’t :)

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I saw someone playing it on YouTube and asked my das to get for me for a birthday gift

Has the a320 family wing view been adjusted? It looks like it has, that would be amazing!

When global releases nothing will Out match infinite flight in my eyes.

Let’s see…

I started out on the R/C plane side, trying to find a sim on the App Store that would mirror the flying I do at the field. Found one and tried it out. Thought it was boring and deleted the app, then went looking for a full scale flight simulator. Infinite Flight was the first thing that popped up; it was way back in 2012ish when the app first came out, so at the time, upon trying the shuttle landing thing, I thought it sucked (I’m so sorry, Laura- I was 13 at the time). Deleted the app and went back to exploring XPlane, FSX, and the like.

Fast forward to Live coming out. In fact, the only reason I knew about it was that I stumbled across FDS’s old website at the time, which used to have those blog posts they’d put up every so often. As many people here know, I’m a huge reader and writer, so looking at those posts about multiplayer really piqued my interest. Redownloaded the app and started flying on Live with my allowance money savings- man, was it intense. The first time I spawned into Half Moon Bay and heard ATC on the unicom, I had euphoria or something. Such a perfect escape from everyday life.

A while later, I decided to try ATC at LAX on the training server once I was able to qualify. Classic 25+ planes coming in to land type of deal- thought I was hot stuff for working them all. It wasn’t until three or four months of doing that until I realized I was doing things wrong. Plus, annoying pilots. One thing led to another in my search for a solution- posted on IFFG often, finally coming across IFATC recruiters who were commenting on the questions I would throw out there. In fact, if I remember, the first person to say something was @Tyler_Shelton, advising me on how transitions worked.

Things gradually progressed from there, until one day, I came across @Zachary_Meir_Tish, who happened to be a member of IFATC. We started talking, and one night, Laura was doing something at Van Nuys while I was ATC there. Tish took note and convinced the recruiters to test me that night.

And boy, was it a night. Tishy told me to log into KSJC in the SanFran area and wait for a “surprise.” The recruiters from before started popping up at around midnight, making me realize it was a test. I got really sweaty and my heart was beating quickly, because those were important guys. I had a chance, and didn’t want to screw up.

So, to become more comfortable and not completely blow my chances, I ran into the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom and parked it on the toilet. Yes, you read it right. I took my ATC test on a toilet at midnight. How’s that for humble beginnings?

Finished the test after a half hour and waited for the results. Apparently, my performance caused such a bitter battle between the testers that they spent a hour debating whether or not they should pass me. It continues to have been the most hotly contested decision for candidate approval yet. In the end, I believe @anon66442947 was the deciding vote, going for aye and passing me. It’s the best choice he’s ever made in his life, hands down.

Here I am two years later. ATC supervisor, trainer, tester and so on. It’s such a shock to look back and realize where I was in life and how far I’ve come now. The fact that I’m now able to pass down knowledge and continue assisting IFATC each and every day continues to humble me.

And, along the way, I’ve made some great friends that I hope to retain for a lifetime. Tyler, Mark, Jason, Sam, Chris, and countless others have been incredible supporters of my journey thus far, and I can only hope that I can support them the best I can in return. It will be my privilege to meet them in ATL this fall, which will be amazing. How fortunate are we to interact in Infinite Flight to be able to meet people in real life? I hope other people will be able to have this opportunity someday.

No TL;DR here. Enjoy. :)))


My dad show me this game😍 best 3,5 years in my live😂❤


TLDR, come on Josh you should know us by now :P.

Honestly though, one of the most inspiring IF stories out there :)

Looking for a mobile flight simulator on my Windows Phone on 2012

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I got into Infinite Flight after I came back from vacation last November and thought the plane was cool. I wanted to learn how they operate. So I bought the app.

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Back in 2013, I was playing around with a Las Vegas simulator of some sort, I played that for a few months and I got bored. :/

I searched the app store for some other Flight Sims and I thought IF would be a good, since I knew some of the planes (noob avgeek, I know) I downloaded it and got pretty active with it. I dropped it for a while, presumably for educational reasons. Picked it up again since the 737 refresh and was hooked on ever since. Got live in March’15. ATC in late May of that year, joined airport editing and did nothing for about 6 months, became a trainer (called scouter back then), joined beta (10 November 2015, very good with dates), airport editing “Supervisor” in early 2016, Started checking airports in June if 2016 (about 2 hours per day with a busy schedule), joined Alpha.

No fancy photos like Tyler or Laura, but I’d like to thank all the people who have helped me from joining IFFG to this second.

Joining this community/IFATC/Airport editing has given me immense knowledge of aviation, airports and planes.

PS - I joined IFATC before Misha… ;) let’s say one of oldest IFATC since ATC-release


That was my 21st birthday last year! That was a really fun night…

Pm me if anyone would like more details

Anyway, I was just browsing the Google Play Store and ventured into the simulator category. I found infinite flight and decided to download it because my interest in aviation had me curious. I purchased live+ the next day but then after a month I set it down for more than a year. Last November, I reinstalled and repurchased live+ and have been on it ever since.

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