How did you get into Infinite Flight?

Back in 2004, I was working on the physics engine for a game in engineering school. The Physics SDK we were using (ODE at the time) had a sample code with a vehicle you could drive over a scene with blocks and ramps… I would play the sample for hours because the physics was so realistic…
Whenever the car was flipped over, I don’t remember if I added this or if it was part of the sample, but there was a key you could press to flip the car back on its wheels by applying force on the underside of the vehicle. If you pressed that key fast enough, the forces applied would result in the car flying and spinning randomly…
Then it hit me… what if I applied 3 forces, one for each wing, and one for the elevator, and made those vary based on angle of attack and speed?? would this make the car fly???

One thing led to another, I met awesome people to work with, took chances, risks, seized opportunities, and then 13 years later:

That’s how I got into Infinite Flight :)


Oh mon Dieu c’est tellement beau!


Same here. Was playing ATC-Sim, hoping it’d have info about how soon they were going to come out with the 2nd version, and someone on their board was talking about IF. Bought the game, rest is history


I was just looking for a mobile flight sim. I found IF and bought it. I didn’t expect I it to be that good for its price but man was I wrong! I wasn’t using it too much until I bought Live and then it was all over. This sim has taken over my sim life!

Now I realize I’ve spent up to $100 on this sim and that’ll go up after global!


I took my first flight ever maybe two years before IF came out, I’ve always been intrigued and amazed at flight period and after searching for a realistic flight SIM I stumbled across IF and have been hooked ever since, to date the only SIM I’ve spent more than 5$ on and not regretted it lol

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I was somehow into crappy mobile x plane (not the new one from 2 years ago or so). And my friend mentioned infinite flight, I thought it was horrible but still played. Look where it is now :)

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I have a love of Aviation and was looking for a mobile flight sim. Searched the App Store and found Infinite Flight. I think it’s be 3 years or so now that I’ve been hooked on IF.


I originally had X-Plane, but wanted something that had more controls, and that was also easier to fly, so I tried infinite flight, loved it, and 6 months later bought live. Infinite flight is definitely the best sim in mobile platforms, but on desk top, X-plane wins. I wonder if IF will ever start performing on desktop.


I have a dream Airline. Somewhere back in 2013 I think? I was looking in the Appstore for an app wich I can design an own Boeing 737-800. And saw Infinite Flight. I downloaded and played since then. And the app is getting better and better with the updates (the best update was live and the upcoming global flight update 😉)



Was at work my sophomore year of college bored and having finished reading the Wikipedia pages of all the aircraft currently operating for commercial aviation. I had always been wary of flight simulators on the app store as mostly all were develop, release, cut off apps. I found IF saw what it had to offer and bought it. This was maybe a month after Live was released. I didnt go for Live and instead spent the next year buying the aircraft and maps and flying only on solo. The next year I took the leap of flying on Live, this was when you needed X amount of XP to land or spawn at an airport (Half Moon Bay anyone?). Since then I’ve been around consistently on IF. Took a 6 months off from Live when I was finishing up my 4th year of college. Thanks to IF and all that I have learned from this community and Live I decided to take the leap of faith by changing my career and I will be starting Flight Academy in 2018 to become an Air Transport Pilot (the classification you need to do Pax flights in the US).


I started off with Infinite Flight by downloading this off of the App Store with zero aviation experience or knowledge. At the time I was in the police academy and had not yet joined the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. I did the 747 landing (crashing) mission countless times before deleting it… long story short… I sucked. 😐

After joining the Air Force I downloaded this again. I became extremely active and frequented the Infinite Flight Fan Group (IFFG). If there was something happening on Infinite Flight I was bound to be there… couldn’t get enough. Check out this fossil:

Soon after joining the Air Force I deployed to the Middle East where I used Infinite Flight as an escape. There were rumors of Infinite Flight adding ATC which I quickly investigated. Friend, @fds9er, let me know Laura was actually doing this and I was fast to volunteer some assistance and knowledge.

Naturally I ended up leading the ATC side of Infinite Flight. Like every other aspect of Infinite Flight, we grew fast. As a “second job” I joked with Laura that it sure would be nice to work for FDS… I guess she didn’t take it as a joke. Soon after I was hired as the ATC Community Manager. This has been one hell of a ride and I’m in disbelief every day at how far we’ve come as an app and community.



What a journey!


That is an spectacular display of how IF has progressed through the years. Wish I wasn’t out of likes…


Very interesting journey Mr.Shelton. At least your successful in what your doing and you enjoy it too.

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Seb, Laura and Tyler dropped a quick post in here so far. Let’s hear from other staff members and moderators!


Hey whatever gets us the pics works…


I got here from watching a gadget pilot video on YT, i just had to try IF out since it looked amazing

I could elaborate more… but that’ll have to wait :)

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Searched for Flight sims, Saw this one, felt in Love… Still there since 2012 I guess :)


Just over a year ago I sent an email to Laura about an interview/review for FlightSim Magazine;

We got talking, and then I was later introduced to Mark and Tyler. In the time the before interviews/review were published, I became qualified for IFATC, and joined the beta once the review was published. One thing led to another from that point on (ATC Scout, Alpha, then IFVARB, and then finally moderator). That’s it all in a nutshell.

I’m pretty glad to play such a big part in this community. Met many good peeps💁‍♂️


I came across it many years ago but never tried it because it looked like it wasn’t going to be fun like every other Flight simulator I came across but about two years later a friend who is interested in planes and was an infinite flight player suggested it so I tried it and loved it.😁😁😁