How did you get into Infinite Flight?

doing this greentext style:

<be me, like those huge pressurised metal tubes that fly
<go to this thing called the app store
<search up “flight simulator”
<see this thing called X-Plane HDEF-4G (who remembers this?)
<pay 9 SGD for it
<load in, see that the graphics are from the stone age
<play it anyways, spend like 200 hours on it cos the plane selection is amazing and the physics are okay
<get bored, go back to app store
<see this “Infinite Flight” game
<decide that since it has in-app purchases for planes it’s not worth the money
<find a way to get it for free
<actually find a way and get the whole game free of charge
<realise that this is like 9000 times better
<feel kinda bad for cheating the devs out of the money for such a nice game
<delete the cracked one and actually buy it on the app store
<also buy live+ cos i must have everything
<join the community cos forums are always great cough
<one of the rare forums where you can have a proper discussion
<settle down, stop paying for other p2w games and spend it all on live+ (and lenses, but that’s a different story)

And since I love writing, that was how PoTP and the fact that most of my replies are mini-essays came to be. Also, this is probably my most unreadable reply I’ve ever posted, sorry for that :P


Well let me begin by expressing my gratitude to all the developers beta testers and all members, on being who you are on the community page. And for your love of aviation. But hey I love aviation operation and maintenance so much that I think I run on Jet fuel 100-LL. And I’m working on finishing my FAA-Aviation maintenance technology license here at Oakland California. And been in the field for a long time flying with aircraft owners and operators. And the first ever 5 mins of my hands on the yoke of a single engine driven prop moony with a porshe enigine roaring so loud was at out most impressive. To where the other three people thought I was already a pilot. But I was honest when I said my first toy when I was a kid. Was a F-15 multiroll strike eagle. So I’m a natural born pilot .And this simulator always gives me the chills when I play it. So Im a Aircraft mechanic/ aircraft private pilot in training working on flight hours. And finally an engineer.

I wanted a good flight sim on mobile, but all the ones I looked at were terrible. I saw this and went “Hey, that’s pretty good!”. It’s not just good, it’s AMAZING! Cant bare to think what I would do if I uninstalled this, but the chances of that are about the same as me dying in a plane crash!

Hi all,

My first post on here as I am a newbie so here goes. I love aviation and used to mess about on flight SIMS many years ago. Had a break when the kids came along and then about two years ago got back into it.

I was looking for an app on my ipad and stumbled across IF. Been playing for the last few months however recently decided to take it a little more seriously so I have signed up for this site and intend on training via the tutorials.

Things have come a long way since I first started so I feel as if I am starting from scratch however that does not put me off. Looking forward to getting to grips with IF and then going onto “live” with it.

No doubt there will be plenty of stupid questions from me along the way however what do they say “no question is a stupid question”



whats this space shuttle mission I have been hearing about?


Yeah I saw games (not sims) that had a380’s with props 🤦‍♂️


I was just searching up flight simulators after I got iTunes money and decided to buy this…not a regret at all.😂

It was June 2013, just before I moved to Europe, I was 10 years old and I found Infinite Flight on the App Store. After begging my mum to buy it for me she bought it for my birthday. Still playing it today. I remember when Live came out in 2014. It was the most revolutionary update at the time. I bet Global will be the same! Last year I discovered the Community. I knew at that time that this would be my favorite simulator of all time. ;)

There were a lot of simulators on the Play Store. Infinite Flight wasn’t my first choice then, because I was actually finding something to simulate dog fights in fighter jets. So, I found this simulation game from RORTOS. It was great and it is. And the RORTOS also had developed other kinds of simulations like Extreme Landings. That was what made the basement for becoming a virtual pilot. But it was kind of boring to be alone in the skies. And that’s when I saw a video from IF multiplayer. That was fascinating. And I downloaded the app, tried more than 5 months in Solo mode because I wasn’t good with monthly subscription and buying aircrafts separately. So, I saved enough money very very slowly to subscribe for Live+ (slowly for 5 months because spending a relatively big amount for a game subscription suddenly seemed not so worthy at the time). And now I got into Live+ just a week ago and I guess I’m in the right time the Global is gonna get in. Now it’s so worthy! Glad to be in the multiplayer world.

I wish I can see terminal buildings in the airports soon!

I first played X-Plane for the iPad until they updated the app and I hated it but found Infinte Flight on the App Store which was a few years ago.

Well it’s kind of a long story so I’ll try to make this fast. So back in April I played this game on the App Store called Airplane! (Yes that’s its actual name) before I found infinite flight I played Airplane! And it was nice. They had a huge amount of aircrafts. However it got boring and bland because you were only flying in certain places heck they didn’t even have cockpit views! So on June 15 I found IF. I fell in Love the second I saw it. It had great reviews and it looked realistic. So I bought it. And now I still play it!

I just bought the app and the online, multiplayer subscription! I was just looking for flight sims on the App Store and I came across this beauty! It’s great to be here


Then in late 2015 I was looking for games on the app store and came around this and switched back and forth between different simulators even a train one lol. I used to suck at this game as I would not know how to land or take off. As I got better i flew short hops between SAN-LAX repeatedly and gained more experience and skill. Then global came out and this no longer was just a game to me but an experience. I then joined the community and learned about Flight Live, Simbrief and Windy. Now I am looking up the winds on Windy from 0-45,000 feet for my flights before I even map out my flight plan. So yeah the fun game is now a well planned out experience.


Searched “airplane” in the Apple store…

I got “into it” because I admired the realism and enjoyed the challenged on how to conquer it. Thus, 258 violations.
I’ve managed to keep those 258 for a really long time now.
Additionally, the variety of planes at first glance, was pleasant. It’s simply a very attractive aviation sim. 👍


Wow reading everyone’s experience has been really cool.

I grew up playing flight sims and i was hooked. So when I got a tablet the first thing i looked for was a good ‘‘flight simulator’’. I found a lot of ‘‘flying games’’ and deleted anything that was just that, a game. Then I found a great mobile ‘‘flight simulator’’, Infinite Flight! Our community is just the best, helpful, informative, true aviators and just dang fun to fly with. ATC! Who else has that?! Not to mention the FDS team. All I can say is their love of aviation shows in every aspect of IF. I have all the flight sims on my tablet, but I maybe used them a few times a month and flew on IF almost everyday. Since global came out I forgot that I have other flight sims on my tablet and fly on IF most days. LOL!

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. See you in the infinite sky.


I used to play X-plane 9 for iPad. I didn’t like the animations at the time and really just cared about the gear animations after getting tired of seeing wheels just disappear into the aircraft. So that’s when I found infinite flight. I tried it out and even though it did have the gear animations, the UI was more complicated to X-Plane 9. So I deleted it and went back to X-Plane 9. Then I stopped getting into flight sims for a while (around 1 year). And out of nowhere, after being on a 6 hour flight, I wanted to try flying again. So I redownloaded X-Plane and saw how just bad it really was. I saw on the app store that infinite flight was there, so I decided to download it. I was so impressed and started using it almost everyday. Then I drifted apart from it from all the in app purchases. So I stopped playing again for a while and just recently I have started to enjoy it. I get a lot of criticism for playing this in front of friends after school. They are all like “who spends time just flying a plane for hours when you could be studying.” I’m like " I do study I just keep the plane on auto pilot while. I’m not on my phone for 6 hours just looking at a plane fly 32 thousand ft in the sky for 6 hours." So yeah that’s my story.


Back in 2013 my brother got me hooked on this game called Infinite flight. I always had a closeted passion for planes, but did not know much about them. I played IF every so often, but not on a regular basis. I did not have much knowledge of what to do, how to land etc. Overtime I gradually learned new things about IF, (how to make a Flight Plan, how to land properly, etc.) When live first came out i did not get it, because I knew I didn’t play that often and it wasn’t worth the money to me. Eventually after playing for about a week straight I decided it was worth the investment in live, since I had already bought most planes and regions. It was at that time I learned the ropes of ATC commands, and even dabbled in some ATC myself. I also discovered the forum and gained massive amounts of knowledge from it. However, I still did not fly on a day to day or sometimes week to week basis. Two months before Global came out, I was able to get myself up to grade three to the expert server. I immediately fell in love with the realism. Since Global has come out I have been doing a flight basically every day. I am amazed by the awesome job FDS has done and it has been awesome to experience the growth in IF. I just recently became grade 4 and continue my quest to get to grade 5. :)


i searched for a Flight Sim on the AppStore in the latest 2012

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I shall my epic tale of how I found the great and almighty Infinite Flight.

It was summer of 2015. I was at my bud’s place. I was searching the app store for flight sims. I wanted to get a good one because some flights sims I had were bad. I was talking with my friend on some options. I then saw IF Simulator. I read what it had to offer and I liked how you can do multiplayer. Then asked my mum if I can get it. She first didn’t want to get a $5 app but I did some persuasion and she got it for me. I was very thankful for that because it was money well spent. And that is the epic tale of how the great Bulba found the almighty IF. Later on I found the community.

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