How did you get into Infinite Flight?

Hello, I know this shouldn’t be a topic, but I just wanted to say that this game is really awesome. I have been playing for 8 months I believe, and I have not been disappointed. Thank you for this game and all of your hard work, and this community is awesome!

Would you people share how you got into Infinite Flight? I got into it just from searching for flight simulators on the App Store haha. I would love to hear how some of you got into IF.


Took the words out of my mouth.


Great way to start a topic. Lol.
I think i speak for everyone when i say your support is very much appreciated! :)

I think it started basically the same way for me as it did for you - searched for flight sims in App Store.


I was looking for a flight sim on mobile and I was looking for a good one on Youtube. I saw that a lot of video were talking about Infinite Flight so I decided to buy it at the same day I had my Galaxy S6 (22th December 2016).

Then about a month later I wanted to fly online but I saw that I had to pay +50 € which isn’t cheap.
But one day I was like “Ok Avon stop thinking about it and go buy it” ! I went out to a shop to buy two google play gift cards (50€+15€).

But when I arrived at home I have thought that I lost my 50€ card outside when I was coming back home.
But after a few minutes I have finally found it. I’ve felt so relieved 😂

Thank you FDS for this amazing sim!


I stumbled upon an Infinite Flight youtube video. The rest is history. I’ve never expected there to be such a large following. Bought live immediately.


I searched for flight sims on the play store and then I saw Infinite Flight.


I needed a flight sim that actually worked. I went through sooo many. I stuck with F-18 carrier landing for a bit. It’s actually kinda good. Then I found Infinite Flight - I’m not sure why I ended up actually paying for it… it was the first app I paid for. I really loved the 717 because the cockpit and just what it looked like. The first plane I bought was the 77W. Then I bought live. The first flight I did on Live was casual at KSFO. Then I joined the IFC


I was sick of xplane 9 ios horrible graphics found infinite flight on app store even early infinte flight aircraft 717 ect. Had much better graphics then xplane 9.


After a return flight from my holidays, watching the landing from my window seat and the airport traffic, I understood that aviation was my passion, so when I arrived at home I immediately searched for a Mobile Simulator and I found Infinite Flight. :)


I found out by searching for flight simulators on Google Play Store.


I saw a friend using IF and thought that it was cool. After around a month I got the app.


Back in 2014 was at a sport event and talking to some person about planes and the flights they have been on. They then asked if I had Infinite-Flight. I got it when they said it was on $6. I flew it ever now and again, I then got Live in 2016 after I arrived home from a Sydney to Brisbane flight. I did some flying then had to renew the subscription earlier this year. Made me more active and I jumped on the forums.


My friend had IF but didn’t really play it because he didn’t know how. I’ve been a bit of an aviation enthusiast for a while, so I know the basic idea of flying a plane even though I haven’t flown a plane (yet). I taught him some basics and since then we’ve both been hooked.


I was looking around the app store for a flight simulator/game, after a while of playing “Plane”, “Airplane!” and whatever those games were called, I moved on to look again, bought Infinite Flight, in like 2012, and now I just bought my 3rd Live+ subscription. :)


I don’t remember, I’m just happy to be part of the sim and the community.


Back in early 2015, I have an internet friend from Big Hero 6 Fandom whose brother is an aviation geek. Once I knew him for awhile, he showed me some Infinite Flight screenshots using the “crappy” Virgin 787-9. At that time, I wasn’t interested with the aviation world. My reaction to those screenshots were “Awesome” and I thinked it would be great if I have this app! So after I seek a permission from my parents, I bought the app and I used a Singapore Airlines A380 to start the sim (But I keep crashing the plane haha). After I got interested to the sim, I decided to purchase my first IAP, B777-300ER around 2 months after I bought the app. I joined the community at July 2015 after I wanted to request a feature for the simulator

Infinite Flight also made me to leave the fandom around 5 months after that

Infinite Flight has changed significantly since then. Thanks to Infinite Flight, I’m attracted to learn more about the aviation industry and being a Singapore Airlines’ fanboy 😊


Me? Simple.

I just searched for a flight sim then found Infinite flight on the top charts of the App Store. Since then… I play it till today.


This is quite a long story…
It all began one day when I was coming back from Dubai (In an Emirates 777 for those curious geeks) and the captain asked me if I wanted to sit on the captain’s seat. I instantaneously accepted his generous offer and went inside the cockpit (for the first time). I was bewildered by how many buttons there were and I asked the captain how he remembers which button does what. He gave me a reply that I remember even today, he said “If you want to do something, you will do it, no matter what.”
The very next day, my dad took me to a fully functional plane simulator near the airport and I was really good at handling the plane. My sim instructor (Who is still my instructor) told me about Infinite Flight… and that’s how I got to know about it!
If you’re still reading, thanks for doing so…
If you’re not, I can understand!


Actually saw in the reviews for X-plane mobile someone saying “not as good as infinite flight tho”

Got the game in November, stopped playing in Jan, back in Feb got live, joined IFC in feb


In early 2012 I was already checking for good flightsims on iOS all the time, but I wasn’t successful…

Then about half a year later when I was searching again, I saw IF and knew this was what I had been looking for all the time 😍