How did you get into flying or flight simulators?

For me, an elective panel back in sixth grade got me interested in flying, especially commercial jets, and then I have been trying to look for flight sims since then. The first one I found was ***Wings 2016. It is not good. AT ALL. Now I have IF, and I have never seen anything better.


I got into flying when i was about 5 years old. I don’t really know what grew my interest in aviation but i guess i was born with it :). Oh and i still love aviation.


On my 11th birthday I went to FunPlex (basically an arcade) in NJ and they had this big flight simulator thingy. I spent the majority of my birthday on that game crashing while my friends raced go carts. I realized I was learning something new each time I played and crashed. I was hooked.

So then Phillipe and Laura launched this game a “short” while later and I have been hooked ever since. Just like I was when I eleven. Took me awhile to find a decent sim for phones and tablets.

Started out with RORTOS sims, now I’m in IF. Simple as that. 👍🏻😊👌🏻


I was looking for a flight simulator, “just because.” I found IF, played on solo (for like 2-3 years), got live and have always been loving it. This also sparked my love for aviation.

P.S.- US Airways A321 was the best

I know right! the US Airways 321 was a whole lot of memories!

☝🏼 My answer is in my bio. 🙃


I first found my interest in a aviation about 9 years ago. When I was 6 years old I told everyone that I knew what all of the planes in the sky were. I would see a plane 30,000 feet up in the air and say it was a “Boeing 671 Supersonic Aircraft” or something. Then one day we went to see some friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time. The park we meet at was near the airport, so I started showing off that I knew what all of the landing planes were. Then it turned out that one of the friends (his brother works for Boeing) actually knew what they were. The first plane that he pointed out to me was actually the Bombardier Q400, which is now one of my favorite aircraft. I was so embarrassed, but that inspired me to actually know what they were. Unlike many of you, I didn’t (and still don’t) have very much exposure to aviation and have only been on about 5 air trips (the last being over 2 years ago), so I couldn’t just go to the airport and spot to my heart’s content. Instead, I bought tons of books about commercial aircraft, started watching plane spotting videos on YouTube and trying to identify each aircraft in the video, reading articles on the Internet, and even using Flightradar24. After about 2 years of doing this, I was able to identify almost every commercial jet in the sky and know some about them . Since then I have only gotten more and more into them, and aviation has become a big part of my life.

I first discovered flight simulation when my grandma gave me a first generation Ipad. I looked for aviation games and came across XPlane 9 mobile. I downloaded it and was astonished that the planes were so realistic and that all the controls actually worked (this was nothing like the Infinite Flight we have today). I learned some basic flight procedures and before I knew it, I was able to take off, cruise and land with many of the planes. I used it for about 2 years before the Ipad broke and I bought a Kindle Fire instead. I was so upset that XPlane wasn’t on Amazon, so I searched and searched for a new flight sim and then found Infinite Flight in early June, 2014, right after it was released on Amazon. It is an amazing sim!


That was a good read! I like that quote that sparked the fire in you.

Flying is something that was long thought to be impossible by humans, which makes being able to do so a high privilege. Almost every kid would want to be a pilot or an astronaut when he/she later in their lives and I wasn’t an exception. And I had successfully made that dream become alive, and partially (next jump is to space). Learning and become something that seems impossible always fascinates me.

Simulators are a gift to everybody that makes anybody’s dream of the feel of flying come true. Played a lot in PC and I’m not much of a mobile device person, but heard Infinite Flight is one of its own kind which pulled me towards this. Waiting for the Christmas gift (MD/DC update) that everybody’s expecting here.


Glad you enjoyed it! 😊



I remember flying and always getting those small fun planes with the sounds and lights, when I was on primary school at the age of 6 or something I remember being obsessed with this diagram book of the B747, (I still have it so I can share some pictures tomorrow of it. Let me know if you care or not) after that I then got into air crash investigation. Most children would be watching spongebob or something but I used to watch documentaries since the age of 8 I would say. All of this has accumulated into me becoming an aviation geek, although I admire all forms of transport. Nothing beats cars and planes though

I first flew when I was six months old and flew basically at least once a year after that. I love planes and they way they look and operate. I mean traveling in a metal object at 40,000 feet going 560 mph controlled by people is magical. This simulator only enhanced that and now when landing I can only see air speed, vertical speed, altitude, direction, flaps, gear up and down, spoilers and 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 and touch down.

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My main interest was never aviation. I’ve always been a coaster enthusiast and a speed and adrenaline junkie. I love flying now because the speed you feel during takeoff and landing. I also love heights so flying is literally the best way to satisfy that. As I got into double digit age I started taking more of an interest for airplanes. At that time I didn’t fly very much (maybe once a year), so that made the experience of flying that much more special. I think they also look rly rly cool, and as such last year I bought Infinite Flight and I’ve been hooked ever since

I got into flying from my Dad, who used to travel all the time and he himself was into aviation, and would tell me all stories about his travels, the planes he flew, the airports he was in, the experiences, I enjoyed them all. So I started learning about different planes, airlines, and general aviation since then.

With regards to IF, I downloaded the game, way back when there was no online, when the 747 had one livery. The game was intreseting since it was a flight simulator on a phone, and now to see where it has gotten to, it is simply amazing

“Started from the middle, now ya hear!”

I had a passion for aviation growing up as my family was fortunate enough to take me to a variety of countries and I was fascinated by planes. I first started playing IF when I was 10 and it was the first ever sim I played. To this day, I play on it a lot and it remains as my first choice for flight simulation as FSX and X Plane 11 for PC are a lot more advance and I don’t own a joystick.

Sort of grew into it, it’s been a passion all my life

Well my first time flying was when I was 11 months on the beautiful 744. Since then I’ve flown internationaly almost every year. When I was maybe 7 years old, I remember I would be sitting in front of the TV, but not watching some normal kid show. I’d be on YouTube from my Wii (ohh the Wii…) watching spotting videos from O’ Hare, London, and what not with my cold Capri Sun and chocolate chip cookies. I would give my parents headaches from blabbering so much about planes and stuff. I started watching air crash investigations when I was around 8-9.

At first, I would just watch the part until the actual crash, and when the investigation started, id go to the next video…I was just there for the graphics 😜. But soon I grew very interested in the investigation itself. I remember when my dad came to tell me I’ve been on the computer way to long and do something else, I’d beg to watch one last video, and then put on the 1.5 hour Tenerife Disaster Documentary 😏. Soon I was reading the Wikipedia page of every airline I saw on spotting videos. I was reading through the specifications of my favorite airliners. Looking back, I realize just how much I LOVED aviation, and how much I still continue to love it.
I started simming with xplane 9, which was the best in terms of physics back then. When IF came out, I was bubbling with joy that a good sim had actually come out.
Now here I am…15 years old and as much as I want to start lessons, we recently moved out of my home country and now I’m still settling in terms of school and overall life. And I’m crying for the day I can start flying 🙄

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As a Commercial Pilot for 23yrs in real life, that is one of the most heart touching and heartfelt story’s I’ve read in many years. Happy Holidays my friend…

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