How did you find out about Infinite Flight?

I want to know your IF story. I personally used to use X Plane 9 on an old IPad. When I got a Kindle they didn’t have X Plane so I found Infinite Flight, which is so much better.


Found it browsing the app store. I played X-Plane 10 before that, and still do.


Do you play XP10 on the PC or on a tablet?

On both. :)

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My brother and I were looking for apps. He found one, and I found a different one. I ended up wining. Later, I came back and looked at my brother’s choice. I bought it, played it, and that’s how I got IF


Got bored of X Plane 10 😅


Found it on the app store on March, 2014

What app did you find?

What about Infinite Flight appealed to you?

No clue. I was 9 or 10. Might have been backyard pilots or something

I played a space shuttle flying sim from the iOS store and it recommended IF. Never looked back and been here ever since.

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It began almost 3,5 years ago. I had an app named apptoide. You could download everything for free. I saw inifinite flight and played it for like 2 months or so. But then I didn’t know what altitude and v/s etc means. 1 year ago I searched the game again and bought it on app store. Now I’m enjoying it because I almost know everything about it(like how to land in a heavy crosswind etc).

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Do you have Live?

Not now. But I bought it twicw for a month. Now I’m waiting for global

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About 4 years ago I had a friend who showed me the app and I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I bought it for myself


Got my first iPhone and played X-planes and it sucked. Then found infinite flight and have never looked back.


I got bored of X-Plane 9. Then I found IF and started playing it for 3 years straight.

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Do you have Live, I don’t.

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I do have Live.

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I was suddenly thinking about flight sims for mobile phones