How did you find out about Infinite Flight?

This is a “just curious” question.

I learned about it through a fellow avgeek of mine.

Best, Boeing707

I was looking at flight sims on the App Store and found this :smile:


i just was looking thru the App store and there is was…


Came across it while in the App Store after trying out a dozen or so other apps luckily found this one. @matt and @philippe, and last but not leased @DIsraelFDS. For creating such an amazing flight simulator.

Thanks again guys

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I’m sure they appreciate complements, but please don’t tag admins unless necessary (bug reports, troubleshooting, etc.). Thanks!

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Sorry I will only mention their names if I have issues.

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Thanks :) It’s just a general rule… They don’t like being tagged here or on Facebook because they have much better things to do. They always come to the forums and read the topics anyway.

For the record I didn’t help create the app at all. However I’m sure Matt, Philippe and the 3rd (who wishes to remain private and anonymous) appreciate the sentiment. Those are the guys who made and continue to make it all happen. :)


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Yes. I just didn’t have anything to do with the creation of Infinite Flight. I don’t want to take credit for anything I had nothing to do with. Would be dishonest. :)


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Good to know you’ve still helped me out on several occasions and I thank you for that.

Need any help… Flying planes, checking new regions for bugs, coming up with livery ideas :wink:. (Please say yes!!)

I’m the king of wishful thinking :smile:

Best, Boeing707

In 2013 I just bought a new iPad and I was searching some Apps to fill those 64 GBs.
Now Infinite Flight is the app I use most :smile:

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very helpful :smile:

I found out about Infinite Flight (IF) when I was looking for a flight simulator for my phone through the App Store. I never regret buying IF, and subscribing for Live+ ;)

3 years ago I was looking For a mobile flight simulator, I tried all the apps except for Infinite Flight because my parents wouldn’t let me buy Infinite Flight, so I tried all the other games instead and they were horrible! So I stopped searching more games, because it just kills me how much “effort” they put in the games. Then I would just continue FSX, which was running smoothly also with a FsPassengers add-on. Then my new uncle came and told me about Infinite Flight (Well my brother told my uncle to tell me about Infinite Flight) I told him I knew the game but I didn’t get it because I wasn’t allowed to purchase and apps or games. So right after I said that he just bought the game, but he bought on his iPad. So I really didn’t played it much. So then he was showing me the controls, settings, how to startup the game and stuff like that. Once I first did my own flight I was in love!!! So I showed my parents right away to but the simulator on our iPad and luckily they did! So I continued flying which started getting boring, but once Live came out I told my parents to get a month subscription and they did! I didn’t but the year subscription because I don’t want to waste my money if I didn’t like Live. So after getting into Live and the ATC commands I was 101% in love with Infinite Flight. Thanks to all the developers, moderators and everyone else that made add-on apps for Infinite Flight!!!

Wow, where do I begin from. It’s a long story but am proud to be part of infinite flight. I was just looking for a simulator. I saw this one; extreme lamdings. It had horrible flight physics sorry to say. But because infinite flight had good reviews, I tried it out. It was amazing even though I had to start from the scratch. Just imagine, there’s even a community! This is the best simulator