How did you find IF?

How did I find IF? (Kind of a long story)
I had always loved planes. I had models, sets of them, and even a replica of LAX in the form of a rug in my bedroom, and a full set of taxiway and runway markers to go along with it. Since I have known how to use the internet I have loved planes. One day in 2013 I found Infinite Flight, although I had no idea how to say infinite so I said it like “in-fi-night-flight”. I played it for a few days and then forgot it. A few years later in 2015 my grandma passed away and we flew to see family for her funeral. When I was at the airport waiting for my suprise, DELAYED flight I googled “plane game” on my iPad and Infinite Flight came up. From there I purchased it and was hooked. I spent so much money buying planes and different regions. At this time I knew barely anything except for the game was fun. Sadly, I found myself getting MANY violations constantly (more on this later). Then that summer I completely forgot about the game for another 3 years playing it off and on randomly. Around the time of JT610 aviation began interesting me again. I started playing IF and since then i’ve reached Grade 3 and kept my live subscription active. The reason I mention those violations is because I recently went to apply for IFATC only to be told I have 220 violations. In the last year I only have had 23 violations. So now I need another 200 something landings but at least it gives me something to work towards!
What’s your history or story with IF?
Leave comments and such below!
Edit: I’m 15 now.


I found IF when I wanted a new Flight Simmer on my iPhone and I came across IF I had a 15$ gift card so I used it so buy IF then I fell in love with it. Then I bought Global


I searched up “flight simulator” on the App Store.


I saw some Infinite Flight video on YouTube, and I had a Google Play gift card that someone gave me for some reasons. Then, I first just flying random, then I found a IFCA (now became CAVA) group chat on QQ. Then I join the IFC, like a year ago. I start to fly a lot, and took the IFATC wrtting test, although I did passed it, I still didn’t took the other test yet. Later on, at October last year I believe, I started to work on my VA, which just got certified about a month ago! So, that’s pretty much it!


I used to play X Plane 9 on an iPad, then it broke and I bought a Kindle Fire. X Plane wasn’t on the Amazon app store, so I searched for a new sim and decided to download Infinite Flight. One of the best decisions I ever made😁


@Altaria55 found it and we played it together


I was playing CS:GO and then i noticed IF and played…


I started with X plane then I said to myself I want a flight sim with sufficient aircrafts and scenery so I tried IF and got addicted


I searched for years, for the perfect ‘plane game’. It took me some time but in the end it was worth it. It was a time when no one knows about Infinite Flight. When I first downloaded it, I taught it was some simulator for real pilots or something related to booking a real life flight. It was when I was much smaller so due to my age I found it very confusing but eventually after some time I got around it.


Everyone else probably has a romantic, heart warming, whatever you would like to call it kind of story, but here’s mine.

A bored me way back in 2014 was scrolling through the app store, looking at something flying related. X-Plane 9 was cool, but basic. Aerofly was expensive, and I had my share of carrier landing games. You can only get so good at landing an F-18 with arcade physics. I was looking for something fresh. Something with a hint of realism. Something that could give me the true feeling of flying on a mobile device. A little farther down in the results for ‘flight simulator’, I saw something that would catch my eye. ‘Infinite Flight’, it said. I looked at the trailer and the reviews. I splurged a bit and installed it. I was nothing short of hooked. My love for this game has had bumps sometimes, but I always find that I’m still here.

That, friends, is how I found Infinite Flight.


Honestly, I actually used to be scared of planes. It was in 2015 that I first flew on a flight from Orlando to my home town in Richmond. I honestly do not remember much on that flight, but that I was scared. I always hated the little drops when descending, and I couldn’t stop looking out the window. When I got back home, about 3 months later, I got bored, and I found a game in my recommendations for “Infinite Flight”. The game was 5 dollars, and my parents usually didn’t buy me games from the play store. I did some research on the game, watched some YouTube videos, and then I finally persuaded my parents that I could buy it.

At first, I really didn’t understand the game much in late 2016. All I did was do short finals. I recorded some of my landings with the old recording feature in the app. I had so much fun recording my landings.

Then, I started to see live streams of people playing Infinite Flight Pro.
I never bought a subscription before, so, once again, I did some research on it, and after 2 years of having the game, I bought my first subscription for the game on November 5th, 2018.
I’ve had the subscription ever since, and I hope to switch to the yearly subscription after this months subscription ends.

I’ve learned so much over the years with aviation.
In 2017 when I flew again to Orlando, I was a lot more excited than I was before. I knew a lot more about aircraft, so I felt a lot more comfortable when I boarded my Southwest 737-700 flight from KRIC to KATL, then to KMCO.

Then, when I flew in August 2018, (same route), I was a freakin’ geek about the flight. My siblings and parents got pretty annoyed with me, every time I brought up what the pilot was doing.

I’ve learned how to actually professionally fly a plane in a simulator thanks to Infinite Flight. This game is my passion now, and I hope to continue my passion for this game.

I am still learning to this day about aviation. I learn from my friends, and aviation friends from the IFC community, and I hope to continue.

My fear of flying planes has completely vanished. Infinite Flight helped me loose my fear.
I really do love this community.

That is the long story of how I found Infinite Flight.



Basically did the same thing as you. When I was younger, I pretty much downloaded anything I saw, and ended up downloading IF. Infinite Flight has probably been the app I’ve had for the longest time!


My dad had it and I stole his phone 🙃


I found if through Swiss 001 and his videos


Seeing the orange logo in play store. I think it’s another cheap game so I ignored, I was wrong.


So many flight sims were not even realistic. I put one to the test and I was able to fly while STALLING! I searched until I found Infinite Flight. It cost $5 but I thought since it cost money it must be good. Note that not all apps that requires you to pay are good, but Infinite Flight was REALLY GOOD! I was playing months before global even came out! And seeing IF now, with all these updates, IF will last a very long time.


Another reason was becuase I really love planes and other types of aviation and was desprite for a good flight sim


Bordom and Speding my last 5 dollars of travel money on a trip to Michigan lol

Well now I’m grade 4 and only got Global Last December. See where I came from 😂


Well first I have always loved aviation and wanted to find a nice flight sim but not on a computer, because I didn’t have one. Searched up flight sims on the app store and it first lead me to this Hawaii flight sim where you could fly around the Hawaiian Islands. Then that lead me to AeroFly 2 because I searched up flight sims on the app store again. Then after watching and looking on YouTube I found Infinite Flight. Quickly rushed to the app store to see how much it was and it was $5. So I had to wait 2 months before I could buy it because I had no iTunes money:(. But now here I am!


That Hawaiian flight sim that you talked about was the very first one I bought too!😂