How did you discover your love for aviation?

I though it would be intresting to make a topic like this?

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A couple years ago on a sightseeing flight in Alaska! The scenery there was so beautiful!

Unfortunately my parents got divorced…Instead of meeting at a half way point between their 2 houses. I made hundreds of flights from SEATAC (Seattle,wa) to PSC (Pasco,wa) on a DASH 8. At first it was scary, but I soon loved it. Seat 1A was always mine and I knew many of the flight attendants by name.image


My late grandfather was in the RAAF in WWII. He fixed all types of aircraft, and has got pictures of them. I’m trying to find them, but they are somewhere in Grandma’s house… Anyway that’s how I got my love of aviation. And as I have no intention of becoming a pilot. It’s nice to get experienced simulations of it on Infinite Flight. Which is BY FAR the best flight simulator on mobile devices.

I went up in a c172 for a senic flight around Auckland nz and when the pilot let me take the controls I fell in love.

I do not really know when I started my interest.

I started my interest when I moved to Canada from Hong Kong. I need to take Cathay to Hong Kong every single holiday I get. CX838/839 started off with 747-400’s and A340-600’s. The name than changed to CX838/837 and operated by 77W. Always like turning left after door 2, is like entering the paradise of First class(or business sometimes)

When I was little and I was heading towards Morocco and I sat next to wing (behind the flaps) of a 77W British Airways and i felt in love ever since of that certain spot and Aviation :)

When I was a little kid, I loved flying, but as an ignorant civilian.

Many many many years passed of no flights and finally in the early 2000s I started flying again with jetBlue on their multiple JFK to Florida flights. Got really sick of the monotony of the A320s so I switched to the other semi-large carrier at JFK/LGA, Delta. I learned of the aircraft type (737-800) and googled it. I went on a long wikipedia browsing section, read about planes, and got hooked.

Since then, my interest has spilled over into airports, airlines, memorabilia, aviation models, and lastly, planespotting.

After I fell in love with dials in 737 in fs2002. But I didn’t go crazy, I was on and off. Lots of people don’t realise first flight simulator was released in 1979.

I was born in Berlin. We lived close to the Tempelhof Airport (now closed), so my father took me there almost every day to spot some planes.

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Sitting in a Swissair MD11 cockpit (captain’s seat :D) when i was 4yrs old

I found my love for aviation back when I was in first grade when I went to a new daycare. There was a kid there who had a Lego plane. I was like “what is that?” He responded “a airplane” I’ll never forget that moment. He then left and I have to continue on my own, which went successful.

A First Choice Aibus A320!

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I don’t really know what started it or when. I just love planes!!!

For me it started right after my very first flight. It was a DC-10 and this was in the 70s right after DC-10s had been grounded for catastrophic failures. We were on one of the first flights after the grounding was lifted. I was little, but I remember sitting at the window trying not to fall asleep as we flew to Chicago to connect the second leg on to New York. The captain gave me a wings pin with the airline logo…I can’t remember if it was American or Northwest? Anyway from then on I have been fascinated with flight.


When I was 4. I remember seeing a 747 and just fell in love with it. Although my parents wanted me to the medical field, I stuck with it and have zero regrets. Once you have the taste of flight everything else seems just plain.

My Dad works for this big company and has to travel quite a lot. So I don’t see him that much. In 2013 I went on a trip to America in a Boeing 757-200 From Shannon to Chicago and we cruised at 38000ft with a speed of 530knts over the Atlantic ocean. And the scenery was just breath taking. Now whenever my Dad is around I bring him ob my 45 minutes flight in my Piper345 yo get a glimpse off what I felt a few years ago.( I’m doing my PPL)

As far as family history goes, my great-grandfather flew attack planes in WW2, and my grandfather was working as a meteorologist, and flew IL-28 aircraft that were converted for weather research. He took me to airshows and helped me build models when I was a little kid. I guess the interest started then. Over time it waxed and waned, though now it’s a reasonably significant part of my life.

Other than that - there’s some really exciting feeling that I get from watching the combination of engineering and the interaction of the physical forces, the organisation mechanism of the airport life, and the sense that you’re travelling through the spaces where man cannot naturally go - flying takes you into a different world that exists beyond the airport windows. Hard to put in words properly, but perhaps others will know the sensation too?..

For me, it was when I was about 5 (2003). My family took a flight on American Airlines from KSEA to PHNL on an MD-11. At the end of the flight the pilot invited me up to the cockpit, (amazing considering it was post 9/11), and let me sit in the chair and all that stuff. He gave me a little AA Wings pin and some other stuff, as AA always has done and will do. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be an ATP.