How did you become interested in aviation?

Ahh yes, throwing up does wonders.


That seed is a blessing @BigBert10. Once you plant it, it can’t be stopped.

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@Jack_Q That seed really is a blessing! :D
Now I have a crazy love for airplanes! :D

@Suhas I have no idea why throwing up would contribute to my interest in aviation but it did XD


I have always loved aviation!
Even though I barely ever fly, when I did take my fist flight, on a Piper Cherokee, I was just hooked. Growing up with relatives in aviation, I just got more interested. Then I got IF. IF helped me go further and practice for the real world. Aviation is awesome! 😃


This is probably unlikely, but do you still have that balloon?

Yeah well i think i didnt even know that things such as planes even existed for the majority of my childhood. My country had garbage air traffic at the time i bet. It wasnt untill my parents decided for us to emigrate to the UK. And the day i first flew on a plane came.(I flew with Ryanair with the old livery and no winglets and stuff). And at the airport and the plane i thought to myself:
This is kinda cool. BUT im also kinda scared of crashing. ( dumb me not knowing this is safer than everyting else) So i dismissed the though of becoming a pilot. It was only at age 14 that in my mind something just clicked and i was like: screw it…im becoming a pilot. And here i am at 17 already flown a glider and a cessna 172 and flight simming.

I became interested when I saw a plane flying over the highway near RTM

Hearing the story of how a B747 crashed and hit a stolen car that was just robbed. No passengers / crew were hurt, but the 4 (if I remember) thieves in the stolen car died.

I’m pretty sure this was a true story, but true or false, it sure amazed my 5 year old self 😂


I have been flying since I was a baby. I became really interested in aviation when I was 6, I would put my head on the edge of the window to watch every departure and landing I would even print out Arrival and departure information for my friends. Then I found IF and was addicted to it, I then had a break and lost passion for aviation but then I went on another flight and was addicted again and brought IF again then I had another break and still was going on flights but didn’t get me addicted until I was bored and to my surprise there wasn’t regions anymore and there was global then I deleted IF and then in March I downloaded it again and was addicted again, then on April 2nd where I live it might be April 1st for you I joined the IFC and here I am.

When I was very very young, my dad took me flying. And then when I was 4, I flew again, and loved it. Since then, I wanted to become a pilot just thinking about how those things can fly. Once we started flying more often, I couldn’t even fall asleep while flying, because of the view and just to look out. We were going on planes more and more, then finally, it was my first time going to sun n fun. I loved it! Seeing huge lines of planes, and seeing those air shows was awesome. I continued looking at planes, learning more about them, and going on them. When I was in 5th grade,(I believe) I found out about infinite flight. it was amazing! During Christmas, I got money, so I bought a one month subscription, and got so many violations and probably ghostings. I have no idea why I did what I did when I got that subscription. A few months later, I quit, and I continued learning about planes. My dad would buy me those maps that you could buy at the airport, and I learned about them. Fast forward a few years, and I’m at the end 8th grade, and I decided to play infinite flight again, so I bought a subscription. During the summer, I was flying internationally for the 3rd time. (I was very young when I went to the other countries, so I didn’t put them in here) I was flying to Portugal. We spent 3 weeks, and my favorite part was flying to and from Portugal… When we got back home I continued flying on this wonderful simulator, and xplane too. And now I am here, still learning about aviation.

Edit: I was just born with the love, but became more interest in aviation


I saw a plane fly over my house when I was 2 and thought it was cool.

Decade later I still think it’s cool


No,my father took me to the festivals in my area, and there were always balloons for sale


When I was like 8 my dad bought me Flight Simulator X for the Pc along with a joystick and throttle. And ever since that da I’ve been addicted to flying ;) still doing it. I actually have a YouTube channel if you want to check it out : Aviation10


Well… There’s more to it. My Grandma’s was near an international airport and the planes came right over her house. One day when we went to see her I saw an A380 and since that day I fell in love with aviation. When I found IF my mind was blown. (Last Year) So thats How i fell in love with aviation.

Runway 10R opened at KFLL, then I thought why not like planes if im going to see them everyday outside my bedroom window. Me fly around on FSX was another factor too. No big story.

Also, there was a similar topic to this a while back but I do not have the information to that at this time.

I don’t even know how. Maybe I was just born with an interest in aviation 🤷‍♂️

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I was born with it and done. The build up on the interest followed after my first flight at 2 or 3yrs old from SFO-EWR. Maybe it explains why I like United as well.

When I was a kid I loved fighter jets. Then I loved commercial and a Boeing fan. Because of that I have a license and I fly jets in the air force


Growing up with a father who flew AH-1J Cobra attack helicopters, UH-1N Hueys, and the A-4E/M, I’ve always loved aviation for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to have parents that were always supportive of my passion and allowed me to get my license at an early age; it’s always been part of my life


for me it was mostly going to a youth center when i was around 8 and using a flight sim with a control stick, gosh was i happy