How did you become interested in aviation?

How did you become interested in aviation?
My dad loves aviation, and he brainwashed me and taught me everything he knows, and then I learned more so now I teach him😂. I am lucky enough that my family travels internationally often, or at least used to very frequently(man, I miss that) before my baby brother was born. So we went to a lot of big airport like LAX, and we went spotting and got to go on one cool airlines. He also bought me model planes! Thanks dad😊. How did you get into aviation?


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I got into aviation when I was very little, and I don’t remember how. My earliest memories of flight are united cancelling my flight at KIAH, making me stay overnight in the airport, me telling my dad “no, that’s a 777-300ER, not an A320” and thinking that flight was 16h while it was probably 13h, and watching Air Crash Investigation.

This show actually made me scared of flying for a while, and when I flew United again, I thought of them as “flying the unfriendly skies”


With me it was kinda stupid. I wanted to be a elevator engineer (Lol that’s what I called it) and in 5th grade I as thinking about jobs. My dad and I went out to the airport to pick up my mom and as the Q400 flew in, a light bulb burnt out and sparked a fire. I then said, what about a pilot. Then it grew on me faster than anything. An aviation wildfire over took me and I became stuck in the fire, never putting it out.

Hoped you like my analogies. LOL


seeing this type of balloon at age 5


Well when I was about 10 years old I was coming home to the UK from Dubai and I seen all of these huge planes owned by Emirates (777s and a380) and I was fascinated by how big they were.

Little did I know I’d be coming home on an a380! And ever since then I’ve just always wanted to learn more about the aviation industry!

And here I am 5 years on typing this message! 😂


I’ve been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember (and apparently before that too!)

It also is really nice to be able to fly to India every year (at least an 18-hour journey even nonstop) and many other destinations in Europe, Asia, and North America!

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I was honestly born with the aviation bug! Since an extremely early time on, I was always fascinated of these machines and how they can fly. It amazed and amazes me still the second world you can see from above. It is a new world from above I should say. Well since that early time on I’ve just kept growing and growing and growing my passion and my dream for aviation and flight. By the time I was 3 I already knew what I wanted to do in life and am still striving for it today. Without Infinite Flight, I don’t think I’d know as much and wouldn’t be as into aviation as I maybe would be. Thanks to this community, I’ve learned so much and am so grateful to be an avgeek in this amazing community.

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I think that for a 4 Yr old many, many, years ago a “flying piece of metal in the sky” is enough to trigger me to love aviation


One Word. :Flying"


Well, ever since I was little, I loved airplane simulators. I found infinite flight on the App Store, and it was love at first sight. I wanted it so bad, and begged my dad to let me get it. And finally, he did. I enjoyed it so much. After 3 months, I saw infinite flight live, and when It said that their is ATC and other players, I exploded. I HAD to get it. I got bored of solo, and I actually got my dad to get me live. Ever since I got it, I enjoyed it, and I just got on the expert server about 6 months ago. The expert server was way more realistic. I then learned how to speak like ATC, and I started to search about aviation online, and then me and aviation basically got married🙂.


Wow! Love all your stories guys! Also yes, @GlobalFlyer1 I also fly to india but only like once every 2-3 years, and it’s a treat.

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The first time I saw Air Indias 747-400 a 100 ft away from my nose at the age of 4

Well, I’ve been interested in Aviation since I have been 4 years old 😱 Now, I’m in the RAF ( Younger Version ) And is achieving my dreams 🔥✈️


It’s so funny when you’re insterested In Aviation and No one understands what your talking about. Like my dad absolutely HATES flying and it’s so funny to see. Also, When you are flying you know what all of the sounds are and no one else does lol


ever since I was 6months my dad brought me to America he said I had a huge smile on my face enjoying every second of it and from there I continue to love traveling on Airplanes.More recently I have told people I quit my Dream of being a pilot to my family but everybody keeps telling me not to so I’m starting to learn more on aviation and learn all of the terminology and maybe one day it might happen but mostly won’t

I live very closed to Bradley International Airport, KBDL, and growing up my grandfather would drag me along to watch the planes land at a parking lot by one of the runways. Recently though this parking lot was blocked off and now I regret not enjoying those moments more because there isn’t many easy spotting places at Bradley.

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I always loved the smell of airports, airplanes, and the feeling you get when you get close to one. What really pushed me into it was flying a late night United flight from Denver to Atlanta in 2017. I shuffled played Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” album during the entire duration of the three hour flight. I don’t know how that did it, probably just the combo of the calming music, the sound of the plane, the smell, the orange clouds of the sunset, the feeling of complete independence from all solid objects, and knowing these heavy powerful sky cylinders can take you to almost anywhere in the world in a measure of hours.

Normally that won’t matter to anyone, but I think another factor was that I was on several planes when I was an embryo. So I guess you can say it is in my blood.

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It’s complicated.

I have traveled on airplanes a lot in my life. And there are many factors that could contribute to starting my interest in aviation, but I’ll talk about one of the most influential factors.

It all started back in February, 2012. This was when I was about to board a Southwest B733 SJC-PHX. Our flight was supposed to be 2 hours long but we landed 30 minutes early. That got me interested because I wanted to know how the airplane flew so fast. At that point, the land inside my head was being tilled. On the way back, we flew Southwest PHX-SJC with a stopover in LAX. While waiting in LAX, I quickly took an airsickness bag and threw up since I got airsick during PHX-LAX. Just before pushback, I saw an Alaska Airlines B738 (I think) depart. I just stared at the white eskimo tail and how the airplane is dragging that tail along XD At that point, the aviation seed was being planted inside my head.

Shortly after that trip, I wanted to buy a Southwest Daron Toys Model so I can pretend to fly that airplane and “drag” that tail along. The seed started maturing some more.

Fast forward to July, 2012 when I was about to board an Air France flight to Paris. I saw the 2 pilots in the cockpit getting the airplane ready for the flight. The seed began to mature even more. The flight, even though it was 9 hours long, was a lot of fun. But the seed was still young. What helped the seed grow was me watching a quick 9 minute video about the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 (N963AS). Somehow, that video appeared on my YouTube feed and I clicked on it. After that, the seed slowly matured as I watched a documentary about Dynasty Flight 006 and found MayDay Emergency Landing back in February 2013. From then, I pretended to make successful emergency landings and safe my passengers’ lives. (Keep in mind that I had other flight games before MayDay but those games were “ripoffs” where you control the airplane from above with a joystick and throttle. MayDay was the first simulator that I was able to control the plane with my palms holding on to the iPad like a yoke.).

In June 2013, we were preparing for an AirTran flight SFO-PUJ with a stopover in ATL when the night before, we realized that my passport and my sister’s passports were expired. We panicked and we had to go to an emergency passport facility to get our passports. Luckily we were able to get our passports and when we got to SFO for our red-eye SFO-ATL flight, I immediately started reflecting on how different it could’ve been and how I might not have made it on to the flight. I still remember that flight, FL/TRS 710 SFO-ATL. At that point, the seed started maturing once again.

Landing in ATL, we had a layover for our flight to PUJ. During the flight, I started to get airsick and after we parked at the gate at PUJ, I threw up. I threw up all over my area and the seat in front of me (some of it got onto my jeans and hands) because I couldn’t get to an airsickness bag in time (that was the last time I threw up on an airplane). For some reason, the seed really started maturing from there because during customs, I reflected on what just happened and realized that I wanted to conquer airsickness. On the way back, we flew PUJ-ATL. I was completely fine. Then we went on FL/TRS 709 ATL-SFO and I played on my iPad for most of the flight. Somehow I was perfectly fine and didn’t get airsick whatsoever.

Shortly after my Punta Cana trip, I tried to find another flight simulator that I could control with the palms of my hand and found a mobile sim that looked promising. I was soon able to convince my parents to purchase this flight simulator known as Infinite Flight! :D
When was this? This was not long after the update came out introducing the B757 and the B717! I became addicted to IF because it was the only mobile sim I knew of that allowed me to fly anywhere I want with the plane’s controls in the palms of my hands. And when I started IF, I actually started at KSFO :O (@GlobalFlyer1). This was because I wanted to simulate the SFO-ATL flight I took not too long ago (but can’t because there were only regions and the B737 only had that one Southwest livery). The seed at that point was a full-grown tree and I had become really interested in aviation and knew that I wanted to become a pilot.

Today, that seed has turned into a gigantic California redwood tree because of the Live and Global updates in IF and the fact that I traveled a lot.


I threw up on an airplane. I traveled a lot. I found Infinite Flight. Boom. Interest in aviation has been found.


When I was 4, I flew on a KLM 747-400 into Amsterdam and as a 4 year old, the 747 was huge!