how did this guy manage to fly this far.

I know u can hold the engine thrusters but thats just to much work.


Nice :-)

I once took off from London and headed West. After a while I could see planes, which I suspect were around Amsterdam. So I headed there, while holding the thrusters, and finally came very close. But below me, was no Netherlands, but sea…

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haha i found you. yeah i did that from lax to sfo. didnt see land but only planes

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Please tell me this was on free flight server.

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Please do not do this, it causes an ATC Glitch


makes sense, u mean the atc can see u? but we cant see the land

There are crazier and longer flight paths. Search forums for stories

oh no lol why do people do dis

Because it’s fun I went la to honalulu once :)

Why does it matter

I pay to do what i want how i want and when veer i want in this game. I pay for live i can fly out of the region besides what will the atc do about it

If you want to say those kinds of things please go on the free flight server! I can’t stress how important it is to follow ATC instructions! It is annoying for the ATC and also the pilots trying to fly.


Great to see people breaking the TOS -.- must get so boring just looking at white for so long.

It creates a glitch on the ATC end if you try to contact that user, thus rendering a problem for a bunch of other users as well.