How did this community start out?

I am kind of curious to know how this whole community started up. I would like to learn a bit of history of this community. Thanks ;)


That’s a very good question. The person that will give the best info on this is Philippe.


You should “probably” post this here #meta

Philippe was testing out many kinds of forum software and beta testers were a part of this testing and then Discourse was selected. “Community” button appeared on the old Infinite Flight website and then advertising began on IFFG, IF Social Media acc. and on loading screen too!


After a year the small community turned into this place of friendship. and duplicate feature requests


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Do you remember the mini forum inbedded in the Infinite Flight website?


Well, son, when a man loves an internet…


Someone bought a website đź‘Ś

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Remember Must and then Reddit?

No, I do not.

Not sure how to describe how it started out, but I can say I rushed over when it was announced because frankly, the muut and reddit forums were a disaster in my opinion. This environment is not even comparable to the old forums so to speak, it’s a lot better here.
I must admit back in July 15, it was already taking. Off very quickly.

On the internet…

You just hard to be the smart one, didn’t you…

Many people who play IF don’t even know this community thing exist lol I didn’t know either until like 3 months ago

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