How did they get out here on expert server

That is another region, you can see all regions pilots from your region

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You sure they aren’t in another region? Also, is the wether in amsterdam as bad as it is in London? I was just flying with less than 0.25 visibility. It was crazy.

I’m pretty sure they were in my region

Those planes you are seeing are in London region. This also happens with the Chicago and Oshkosh regions.

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Off topic, but since you asked visibility in Amsterdam was 0. Visibility didn’t improve until FL150

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When was this picture from, since I’ve been flying in London for about an hour, and nobody else was there…

Because the server has been coded with Global in mind ;-)


So if I fly in the Netherlands region,I can still see people flying in London on the map?

Yes, because the network code was made like this.


Cool! Does it work with all regions like if I’m flying in Southern California and I can see planes in Chicago?

no, there’s a max range, forgot what I set it to though… I think maybe 500 or 600km


I once tried moving the map from the Caribbean to see if I could see the south Florida region but I got bored and kept on flying

Can you actually appear in their map then? Or do you just exist, but not actually see anything?