How did I not get any violations?

A change to the normal posts on here.

I set up a flight from ULLI to UUWW a few hours ago, but with a bit of a headache decided to lie down for a bit. Nearly 8 hours later I wake up, realise the time and then think “oh well, there goes Expert Server for a week”.

When I checked my iPad, sure enough my B739 had gone into the ground somewhere to the southeast of Moscow. However, I had not picked up a single violation. How is this possible? Does the B739 have particular characteristics that mean a zero-engine descent from FL330 is a more sedate affair than in other planes?

Obviously thrilled to not be cast into the badlands of TS1 for a week, but curious as to how that came to be. Any thoughts or insight greatly appreciated.


Lucky ! Apparently, IF doesn’t give you violations for crashing, I crashed before and the only violations I found was speeding violations.

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Well, that’s the thing - I obviously didn’t overspeed, which is what I find odd.

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Not sure why you would question this. Just be thankful. The IF gods took mercy on you.

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What was your flaps setting?

Well at least you didn’t get violations! I got locked out the TS and demoted to Grade 1 because of those violations :/

Two possibilities

  1. you glided down so peacefully you didn’t get any violations
  2. you slammed into the ground so hard and fast you were below 10000 for not enough time to be a violation.

He’s at cruise. I think 0% is implied…

@Kevin_Potthast I believe the 1st one occured, if the flaps were on an unusually high level, the airplane would have started by decending rapidly, but then leveled out, and because of drag, it would be more difficult to achieve an overspeed

There’s no complaint here, believe me!

Just curious from those who might be more in the know about whether it is some set of characteristics with the B739 that made this possible. On the few occasions previously when I have caused the death of hundreds of cyber-passengers through wanton neglect I have always got a load of violations in the process.

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I’d be seriously surprised if he used flaps at cruise though.

@Kevin_Potthast that is why I am asking

Yep, no flaps or anything. Left the plane at M0.78 FL330 cruise.

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@jghastings then it is highly unusual that no violations occured

I had to check.
You settled down quite nicely…
Looks like you ran out of fuel, slowed down and stalled… but you kept a nice glide going down. Kept at around 200kts ground speed.

Pretty lucky i’d say :)


I’m never that lucky 😂


Wow. The amount of luck on his side for that to happen is just unbelievable. I wonder what caused the aircraft to slowly stall? Maybe some strong winds? Maybe the NTSBIF (National Transport Safety Board of Infinite Flight) will have to replicate the situation on Solo. Note: The NTSBIF is not a real group


One time i was lucky. I had a A318 Flight from London city to JFK go down while i slept in the Atlantic with recording evidence my plane ran out of fuel but maintained a nice and easy descend not more then -1000 vs and when it crashed it was smooth lol

another time i was not when my 777 went down over india unfortantly i received 6 violations that night and i currently have a total of 14

I’ve tried this in single player before on a 737.

Got the plane to cruise level, and I got rid of the fuel. I watched as it lost speed, and then it entered a controlled glide, somehow maintaining its speed all the way to the ground.

I’ve yet to try it on other aircraft. Months ago, I got an A320 down to 20000 feet for the initial descent at around 300kts. I fell asleep and woke up later to 6 or so violations.

The IF angels glided you nice and easy 👏.