How could I request a refund?

A few months ago I bought the 777-300ER and I am not happy with it. How could I possibly get a refund?

You simply can’t I’m pretty sure.

Seems like you have gotten bored on the plane, wouldn’t you have wanted a refund earlier if you didn’t like the plane?

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Well, I heard you could get a refund on IOS devices earlier this month.So I decided to at lest try to get rid of the plane. I decided now I wanted a 767.

You would go through Apple (use the receipt link), but I believe you can only do it within 30 days.

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You can indeed get a refund over itunes, but it seems a little bit unfair to the developers who take a lot of time and energy creating those things…if your putchase makes problems, thats one thing…just try to get refund for a plane you used some month and now want another…hmmm…not that good


Why don’t you just get the 767 and still have the 777. What if you want to use the 777 later and then you won’t have it

You can only claim a refund through Apple for a limited time after the initial purchase. It seems like you just want to move on now you’ve tried that plane, in that case you have to purchase the 767 as well if you want both.

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I don’t use some planes like 737s but I don’t request refunds just because I don’t like it. Look at it this way if you take the money from the devs they won’t have enoght to update the game.

Buy Live+ and have all planes and regions. Problem solved.


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Im pretty sure if IF had a return policy, it would be expired. But its on apple’s end (IOS) then go to and attempt

In all fairness, you bought it and probably got a good bit of usage out of it. As with physical stores and as mentioned by other users, there is a limited period of time for obtaining a refund if you are not happy with your purchase. “A few months” doesn’t fall under this, nor does getting a refund simply because you’re bored and want another aircraft.

You wouldn’t go to Abercrombie, buy a t-shirt, wear it a bit for a few months, then return it because you aren’t happy with it (apart from the fact that there are policies against this). For a $5 game addon, I don’t see what benefit you could possibly get from getting a refund.


You said it goodđź‘Ť