How could I improve FPS

I’m having extreme FPS problems… any graphics settings plz

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Before you load the game if you go to settings there are options there including one about the FPS :)

Turn your graphic settings to low

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im sure my device is capable of average to high settings

Before a flight, I’d recommend you to clear out your RAM by doing the following:

  1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.
  2. When Slide to Power off appears, let go of the Sleep/Wake Button.
  3. Hold down your Home button.

This should help having the best experience possible on your device. :)

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What device are you using?

iPad Mini 2 iOS 11.1

Close all apps, restart phone turn settings to lowest see how it runs then build up settings untill fps drops.

I’d recommend turning one setting down each at a time and try out what works best. Running everything on high is not a good idea to avoid bad FPS on that device.

yeah is it because it’s an old device?

Do you have the limit enabled in settings? It caps at around 25-30 FPS. Remove the limit and you got 60 if your device can handle it.

Yes. It is. Only newer high-end devices can run everything on high.

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Would the ipad air 2 be one of these high end devices?

I’m just going to add that changing graphic settings while spawned into the server will not take effect until the next launch of the flight. Its best to make these changes to the settings before launching a flight. Its a trial and error type of process.



An iPad Air 2 should have little issues but we always recommend consistent tweaking until you find what works best.

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