How come the Advanced Server is now 10,000 XP?

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Why he made adv 10k xp? Many nimrods will get back in

Cause he wanted to do

If they act like complete peanuts, they get a 24hour ban.

All of the nimrods will get ghosted and be banned from advanced.

Can the advanced controller himself carry out the 24 hour ban? Last time I checked only the normal ghosting options were shown.

I think its to do with the grades.

You can only get 2 ghosting a in 24 hours so if you get any 2 ghosts (session-60min) you will not be allowed in there advanced server.


No, advanced controllers are currently only allowed to carry out session, 10 minute and 60 minute ghosts.

As @Carson said after 2 ghosts within a 24 hour period you will not be allowed into the advanced server.

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“Not being allowed on the advanced server…”


LOL I’m saying this as I’m walking out my front door.

For the next 24 hours.

@Carson @Samuel123abc Thanks for the help, guys!


No problem:)


Yes, that was what I was thinking. I guess it is better for everyone though :-)

I would rather have 50.000XP for the server so whe don’t get any nimrods

( I LOVE flying on the advanced server ✈️)

This new system works better. I ghost users with 50,000+XP all the time:)


Great, go ahead :)

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