How come purchased aircraft doesn't save when offline?

So I lost internet and wanted to fly but I can’t access aircrafts I have purchased. I have live + but I have purchased aircrafts before I got it. I thought I would still get at least the aircrafts I bought if not all(live + should be offline). Really confused…

iOS 9.3 iPad Air 2.

Did you try restarting the game?

You don’t have access to purchased aircraft when you’re offline. I experience this when I travel.

When I open IF and turn off the wifi I do have access to them.

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Try “Restore Purchases”, then select them.

Can’t do that lol, no wifi and @CptNathanHope yes it is off. This is not the solution. I can’t access purchased aircraft I have paid or aircraft that come with live +.
Thanks, Comcast :)

Makes no sense, if you’re paying $5 bucks per aircraft you should have access to it 24/7. I get live + not being able to access when offline

I agree with you, but I don’t have this issue. There must be a fix for it. My Apple devices can access the aircraft that I’ve purchased offline without any issue. I’m willing to bet that once you have wifi you can select the restore purchases option. I won’t swear by it, but I’m fairly confident. I want to say that I did this before when I switched devices.

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Usually if I have no internet connection, I’m only allowed to fly the free aircraft and none of the paid ones. It’s really annoying tbh.

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I can fly any paid aircraft when offline even ones that I have through live+

I have Live+ and for some reason I can’t access all my aircraft when offline.

From the moment if had live+ I have had the ability to use everything no matter where I am.

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This happens to me. Waiting for a dev to explain why this is happening. Even if I paid for aircrafts individually and live + should work we are paying 50 bucks. We should be getting offline mode

Live+ MUST be online only can use the paid aircraft because they need verified your account. Offline won’t able to use paid aircraft.

Individually purchased aircraft can be used offline because its UNLOCKED.

Hope this make you clear.

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I know I’m just saying offline mode should be included in live +. And before I purchased live + I used to purchase aircrafts individually not sure why those aren’t showing up. Those should be in offline mode

Live+ won’t work on offline mode because they need verified with server regarding subscription validity. What if you purchase today and 2 years later you play offline again then server never verified and allow you play the purchased aircraft?

That the reason why account need to verified each time, must be online.

True good point, but with apple music, you can use it offline they can use the same type of detection skills that apple uses?? Because i use apple music and offline mode works great (airplane mode)

Don’t get why aircraft i have purchased individually doesn’t show up as mine.

I had this same issue (iPhone 5c, iOS 9), and what I reccomend is to sign out of live before leaving Internet. This should most likely work. Live+ must be used online, but if you have aircraft not purchased through live+, then this should work.

Apple and Spotify use the same method which can save the music and play offline, there is option to save music and play offline.

While aircraft is different, they doesn’t save the subscription info on local. I think they can implement subscription saved local if they want.

I get aircraft that I bought offline on Android also…