How come I dont have member yet?

Some people have member when they have less stuff then me! And I have all the requirements needed outside of discourse, how come I don’t have member?


This topic should cover all of your questions:

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Oh ok, thanks alot!

But @schyllberg, I have all the requirements!

You saying that means you haven’t read the linked topic, since the requirements are not public :)

As the topic clearly states, we keep the requirements private to avoid farming.


Thats what I read in Discourse

But what you read there is not relevant. Please, read the topic linked.

A key sentence that seems to be missed:


Ok thanks I take a look again!

Just keep posting, commenting and being overall positive in the community and you should get there eventually!

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Ok sounds good!

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You might also want check this out in case you’re still doubtful about the IFC trust levels:


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