How come I cant tune

I know that this is a same post but I can’t tune in to Jeddah Center. I read the other post here Cant tune into center but it didn’t really make sence. Would be helpful if someone replied with a over simplified answer. Thank u


Hello! Do you have the 21.1 open beta installed on your device?

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no. I do not

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There’s a 405 mile radius from the point where the controller is stationed. For instance, if I’m controlling New York Oceanic Center from KJFK, I only have a radius in which I can contact aircraft that stretches 405 miles in all directions. Even though the boundaries of the center are larger, I cannot contact those outside this boundary.

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No, you do not.

not at all, if the center covers a big area, it may happen the issue said by Thunderbolt

oh, ok. I just tuned in. Thx everyone

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Guess I was wrong, then. I apologize

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