How come C-130 won't turn left or right while in reverse thrust

So whenever ever I fly in All C-130 how come I can’t turn left or right when I’m using reverse thrust

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You need to pick up some speed first while reversing before you’ll be able to start turning.

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Another thing is, make small adjustments to the rudder, putting it all the way left / right usually doesn’t work for me.

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I usually don’t turn it all the way but it still won’t turn left or right

I am picking up a lot speed while reversing but it still won’t turn left or right

Don’t turn too hard then :) Slow turns as @Kamryn mentioned.

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It could be that your touchscreen
is not detecting the input on the rudder… I assume you are holding down the thrust lever?

Sometimes holding a control prevents a 2nd touch from being sensed.

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