How close Level two

How close is my account to getting level two

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You can find this information in-app through your grade table.

What is the number should be looking for on this app

I think the Op means his trust level on IFC.


oh i was about to link him the user guide

Yes, my bad.

@jack_lidstone, the requirements for TL2 differ from the Discourse requirements and are not released publicly. As long as you’re actively engaging with the community, you’ll get there in no time.

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Hey check out this topic here for more information regarding Trust Levels. The IFC trust level requirements are much higher than discourses so it may take awhile and you won’t be able to track as the requirements for Infinite Flight are only known internally:

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The simple answer: You won’t know until it happens.


How app notify me trust level 2

You’ll receive a notification saying that you unlocked the “member” badge.

What can you do when trust level 2

Another (unlikely) possibility is that you are TL locked, which means that you are ineligible to “rank up”.

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Post #real-world-aviation topics.

All this can be found on the IFC without the need of making a topic. Use ur resources they are available to everyone! :)

Soooo close.

Just ensure that you put thought and effort into each post. You’ll get there in no time! ☺️