How close is too close?

Recently I was taxiing to the runway at an airport with ATC, the aircraft taxiing behind was, what I would think, too close. What is the recommended gap between aircraft? I have attached an image of the incident and blurred out the other players callsign for there privacy.


I try and keep my aircrafts distance between me and the person in front


I keep quite a bit of a distance between me and the other aircraft in front of me. Usually by a half the length of a A320, approximately or more. Just to be on the safe side :)

From what I dug up online, real-life pilots use common sense to judge how far away they should be from the aircraft in front. i.e. you would want to keep a larger distance away from the aircraft if the aircraft in front is a 747 and you’re a Cessna (due to the jet blast produced by the 747). I personally do the same as @Freddiefrogs because there is no jet blast in IF so keeping a constant distance between aircraft is a good idea.

Here is a great tutorial which has images in them to help you visualise the separation:


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